Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Dream Home

Over a year ago, we sold our old house. The little house that we brought two of the girls home to and made so many sweet memories in. Not to mention, we poured our sweat into remodeling it, but it was time to sell it and move on to the next chapter.

Unfortunately, selling our home meant taking a big loss on the house and using up quite a bit of our savings account. So, we have spent the past year or so saving our booties off so we could do what we've dreamed of for as long as I can remember: build a new home on several acres.

In October, we finally had enough money saved to start looking for land. We found a great spot of land right in our price range. As we got prepared to make an offer, we found out that getting easement for a water line across another owners property was not going to happen very quickly or even at all. So, we were heart broken and back to the drawing board.

One Sunday afternoon, after driving around for an hour or so, we ran across 10 acres for sale. Due to land prices up here (not to mention the fact that we just don't have time to take care of 10 acres...or the need for it), there was no way we could buy that land. So, we didn't even call about it.

A few weeks later, that spot was still fresh on our minds. Travis decided to call and see what would happen. We spoke to the land owner and asked if we could buy 3 acres. He took a few days and called Travis back. He said he would sell us 4 at a discount based on current land prices. After some talking and speaking with our banker, we took the plunge! Just three short weeks later, we closed on the land and our construction loan!

We have had a house plan picked out for about six months and found our builder. So, that part was easy. The first three weeks were slow. Bad weather and the LOOOONG driveway that we had to build made it seem like nothing was happening very quickly. It did, however, give me time to pick out everything from cabinet pulls to front doors to mirrors for the bathrooms and keep us from being held up from my indecisiveness.

Our contractor kept telling me to be patient and it would get going quicker once the driveway was finished. One Friday, he sent me a text and let me know they were pouring the slab! I was so excited.

Then, last Friday, we drove out there to see what all had been done and were pleasantly surprised to see this:

I spent a couple of hours this morning meeting with the cabinet maker and the electrician to design the cabinets and place all the outlets and light switches. It was a little over whelming, but so amazing. It's hard to believe that we are watching our dream slow but surely become a reality.

We should move in to our new home in May and I CAN.NOT.WAIT! I plan to document it all on the blog, so stay tuned!

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