Sunday, June 17, 2007

Emma and Hannah

Hannah is 11 weeks old. She is smiling and trying so hard to push a little laugh out. It is hilarious. She is quite the little wiggle worm....never sitting still. Hannah is drinking 6 oz every 4 hours with a couple of ounces of cereal right before bed. She is holding her head up like a pro and trying very hard to sit up. Emma is three and just the biggest priss! (I guess she takes after her mom!) Emma absolutely adores her baby sister and is the most wonderful helper. Emma and Hannah both go to Coleman's Children's Academy. Emma is in pre-school and learns so much each day. I just recently got a new job as an Inventory Analyst with Activision. They make video games...i.e. GUITAR HERO! We are very excited for the new opportunity, however, I am sad to leave SAM'S. Travis's business is booming up here. He has more tile and wood jobs than he knows what to do with, but loves what he does. Since this is my first post, I will get some pictures up next time! I will be traveling on the 26th to Santa Monica, CA and Travis will have both girls! What a treat for him! I will get some pictures of the family posted soon!