Friday, July 25, 2014

Sea Grove Beach 2014

Two weeks ago, it was FINALLY time for us to head to the beach.

Friday morning, we got up early and went for breakfast at Susan's. Of course, it was the 4th of July, so we all rocked our red, white and blue! We love America!

We met up with Jon and Nicole about Alma. Then, met Mom and Dad for lunch at Chic-Fil-A and caravanned to our stop for the night. During the long drive, we snacked, listened to my old school iPod and just tried hard to stay sane until time to get out of the car.

Saturday, we finally got to the beach. The water was clear and the weather was perfect! We spent all of our days laying on the beach, playing in the sand, boogie boarding, fishing and enjoying each others company.  Travis and Hannah caught two huge crabs. Hannah was so proud!

The best thing to me about our vacations is the lack of a plan. I spend all of our at home time, making sure we have a plan and stick to it. So, for vacation, when someone wants to eat, they eat. When we want to sleep, we nap. No plan works for me.

This is the part where you realize what I said about Travis and I being complete opposites is so true. He is a NON planner at home; the guy literally flies by the seat of his pants at.all.times. (drive me CRAZY) But, we get on vacation and he wants to know each morning what the plan is for the day. I always answer with a "I don't know...whatever." (drives HIM crazy!)

But, we did go out to eat at our favorite places. Travis and I even got a date night with Jon and Nicole while my parents had a SkipBo tournament with the girls. It was a nice break for us.

I also snapped some pics of the girls. Then, while we were waiting for dinner, I took some of all of us.

I love our week away with all of our most favorite people. I know everyone agrees that we are ready for next year! :)