Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lights on the Square and Santa Claus

Tuesday night is the only night of the week that we don't have to shuttle at least on the girls to and from extra curricular activities. So, this past Tuesday, we decided to go eat pizza and see the lights on the square. Travis and I came home early from work, picked up the girls and headed to Fayetteville.

First we ate yummy pizza at Tim's pizza. I love when we have a little extra time during the week to do these things. The girls were telling us hilarious stories from school and we were all in Christmas spirit.

Then, we went to look at the lights on the square. Fayetteville square always looks so pretty and this year did not disappoint. It was freezing, but we had a blast! (Travis was in charge of the camera, so the quality is Ehh).

Then, we visited Santa and the girls told him everything they wanted this year.

Finally, we finished off with some hilarious pictures of the girls as Santa, a snowman and a reindeer.

Even Travis and I got in on the action.

Love this little family of mine!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

We had SUCH a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I "say" this every year, but Thanksgiving is the kick off of the Christmas season to me. I love that we spend so much time with family.

Despite all the time we spent with family, I was HORRIBLE with pictures this year. Most of what I have to post here are thanks to Nicole!

Tuesday, Catherine had her school program. She was the opening speaker and did such a great job! As soon as that was over, the girls and I hopped in the car and headed to Hot Springs. Travis was off to deer camp. (No Catherine doesn't wear glasses...she was saying her lines for my parents and insisted on wearing these!)

Wednesday, I had to work, so we mostly hung around the house, but managed to squeeze in a little shopping. Wednesday night, we went out for pizza and bowling. We all had a blast, but I am pretty sure Honey loved it the most!

Thursday morning, we got up and headed to meet Travis in DeQueen at his Mimi's for lunch. We love this special time and got to see a lot of Travis's family while we were there.

At one point, Catherine had a little mishap with a race car and got it stuck in her hair. After trying to untangle it and even taking the car apart, Travis was left with no choice except to cut her hair out! I could not stop laughing!

Late afternoon, we headed back to Hot Springs for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. We laughed and ate until we were all too tired to do either anymore!

Friday, we went to Bev's condo for lunch and the Razorback game (I don't want to talk about it.*sad face*). GrandDa gave us all our baby books and it was so fun to look through them and remember everything. They still bring lots of laughs!

I left there to spend the night with Travis at deer camp. I can't was awful. It was cold and dirty and just not for me. But, I tried it once and likely will NOT go back!

Saturday, I met my dad in Y-City to get the girls and we headed home. We watched a movie and recovered from all the fun. Sunday, we spent the day putting up our Christmas decorations. GOSH I LOVE THIS TIME OF YEAR!

This year, I started an advent calendar. Each night, there is a Christmas activity that we all do together as a family. It has been really fun so far and I will blog about that later!

Hope you all had a wondering Thanksgiving and started your Christmas season off right, with lots of family and fun!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What have we been up to?

Goodness! It seems like we have been doing so much, but at the same time, as I sit here to catch up on our lives, it doesn't seem like I have that much to say.

(This could be sheer exhaustion. I went to Atlanta today for a day trip for work; which means, I got up at 4am for a 6am flight and got home at 6:30 tonight. Whew! It was crazy!)

I digress. We have been so busy having fun and enjoying life, but I want to catch up because there have been some pretty momentous things happen around here.

Travis took Emma deer hunting for the Youth hunt this year. She kept going back and forth on whether or not she was going to go. Finally, she just caved and went with him, (this may or may not have involved begging from Travis). Boy was she glad she went! She killed not one, but TWO deer. Emma was so excited and Travis was too; in fact, I am not sure who was more excited! I love that they have something to do together just the two of them.

One weekend, Travis and I had a whole weekend together. We went on a date Friday night. I cannot tell you how much I love our time together. I love that we still laugh together and how he holds my hand across the table. When we were first married and had Emma so quickly after, I was nervous we would be that married couple that had nothing to say to each other once their kids were gone. It's our date nights that I remember we are best friends and always have stuff to talk about. I love this man!

That same weekend, we went to the Razorback game with our friends. It was super cold, but SO fun. The Hogs got their first SEC win under Brett Beliema and watching the crowd rush the field was amazing! So proud of our piggies!

One Sunday after church, I took the two big girls to lunch and a movie. The movie was a little too old for Catherine. So, Travis and Catherine went on a date together. We all had a blast and I cannot wait to do it again, but I'll take Catherine this time.

That is all the big events (at least what I have documented) until Thanksgiving. I will do a separate post for that. I love this little family of mine and the life we are so blessed with!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Happy Halloween

So, life is busy and blogging has obviously gone on the back burning. I still take so many pictures, but just don't really have a lot of time to sit down and put together some coherent thoughts about what we have going on.

I am trying hard to catch up and hope to make this another priority when the new year rolls around. Blogging is an outlet for me. I love to sit and type about what is going on with us and just get my thoughts out. It clears my head. So, here is hoping I do a better job.

Now...for Halloween (Yes, it's December.).

Every year, the girls have done a group costume. For the first few years, I "helped" them come up with costumes that just happened to match each other.

This year, they kept asking me "What are we going to be mom? We want to do a group thing, but can't come up with anything!".  I was really at a loss too; until one night, Hannah popped the lenses out of some sunglasses and wore them around like reading glasses. It dawned on me...NERDS!

So, without further adieu, here are the Williamson nerds.

We had a great time together and laughed so hard at the girls!