Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm No Supermom

I doubt that you need another post to confirm that I am most definitely not a super mom...but just in case you did...HERE IT IS! :)
One Monday, I was at work and I got a call from the school nurse. Hannah was in her office because she had fallen down on the playground. The nurse said that Hannah was complaining that her wrist was hurting where she caught herself, but she didn't see any swelling or anything to indicate Hannah had a serious problem. I talked to Hannah and asked if I needed to come get her. Hannah told me she could go back to class and she really wanted to be in her school play.
Well, the fact that she was worried about her school play sealed the deal for me. I figured she just had small fall and was going to be ok. So, I told the nurse to send her back to class and I would look at it when we got home.
Hannah had the play at 6pm that night. Travis and Emma couldn't come because Emma had a softball game. So, Catherine and I watched Hannah in her play. I noticed that she was a little more gentle with her left arm than usual, but didn't seem to have too much trouble with it.
I called Travis when it was over because after looking a little closer at her wrist thought we might go to urgent care just to make sure all was well. Travis and Emma met us at the school and took Catherine home. I took Hannah to Urgent Care. It looked good when we pulled up because there was NO ONE in the parking lot or the waiting room. But, we walked in and found out they were booked solid and couldn't see her.
After talking to Hannah about what she wanted to do and how bad her arm hurt, we went home to eat dinner and put some ice on her arm. During dinner, I was just uneasy. It seems that my "Mommy Gut" kicked in and I knew we needed to go get an x-ray. (Better late than was only about 10 hours since the fall).
Hannah finished dinner and I took her to the ER. After much waiting and calling in a favor to my surgeon (the perk to spending a month in the hospital), we found out that Hannah had in fact BROKEN her arm!
I felt awful, but was a little encouraged when the ER doc said his son had a broken wrist for two days before he finally took him for an x-ray. Hannah got a temporary cast and we headed home. After tucking Han into bed, I had a TOTAL breakdown (which freaked Travis out!). How in the world did I left my sweet baby go ALL day with a broken arm? How could I let her spend all day in pain? My sweet, sweet Hannah....
You would think that the story ends there...oh but it gets worse.

The next morning, Hannah was just dying to go to school and seemed to be ok. So, I took her in to school and talked to her teacher and the nurse. Everyone felt so sorry for Hannah but agreed that she had been tough and couldn't believe that she had broken her arm. I left and told her teacher to call/text me if Hannah had any problems during the day.
Because of crazy traffic, I got to the office about 8:30. Around 8:45, my phone rang and Hannah needed me to pick her up. She was in pain and couldn't make it any longer. :( too bad the "Mommy Gut" didn't kick in that morning...and cue yet another Boni-freak-out
So, in the event that any of you moms out there are feeling like you just aren't "up to par", you should now fell MUCH better about your parenting abilities. You.are.welcome!
Oh...and...another little tip: If you have a clumsy child who bumps her head when falling on a regular basis, don't suggest she catch herself with her hands rather than her head, lest you find yourself in a very similar situation as described above.