Friday, November 30, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Emma ate more icing than she put on the cookies!
Hannah standing up by Daddy Brooks
Honey and Hannah dancing....
Nicole and Uncle Jon keeping Hannah entertained

Over Thanksgiving, we went to Hot Springs to spend time with Honey and Daddy Brooks. We had so much fun spending time with everyone. GrandDa, Daddy Ben, Uncle Jon and Nicole all came to Honey's for dinner and fun. Daddy Brooks and Emma went to the Mid-America Museum. We got a little worried about them when they were gone for almost 4 hours, but apparently Emma had so much fun that they "stayed until even the workers were gone". Emma and Honey made cookies while Hannah had lots of fun playing with Uncle Jon and Nicole. Overall, we had a great Thanksgiving and can't wait to see everyone at Christmas!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

She speaks!

Last Tuesday, Hannah and I had the house to ourselves. Emma was in Hot Springs with Honey and Travis was hunting. After I picked her up from daycare, I had to run back up to work to pick up my laptop. We came in and visited. Cassidie was holding her while I ran into my office to grab my computer and I said "Bye Bye, Hannah". She responded "Bye bye!" with a half wave. I was SHOCKED! She did it a couple of other times that night and even did it for Daddy Brooks when we were leaving Hot Springs after Thanksgiving! I was so excited! This week, she has started calling me Mama! I was thrilled since I got to be called before Dada!!! We are so proud of how big she is getting. She can talk, but still no crawling! But, being my child, I would expect nothing less!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Girls ONLY!

I think the slumber party wore Hannah out!
Emma was excited about it!
Hannah is a drooling machine!
Pretty girls in matching PJs!
Emma and Hannah in their matching outfits...I think Emma was trying to "love" Hannah!?
" hat is TOO BIG!"

This weekend, Travis went hunting. So, it was just the girls and I. We had lots of fun together. We played outside, watched movies and played together. Emma said we had a "Girls Only Slumber Party". It was nice to spend time with just the girls, but we sure missed Travis.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Emma in her cute Halloween outfit
So cute (Hannah has discovered her tounge and loves to show it off!)
Hannah in her Halloween outfit
Emma and her super cute pumpkin decorations! (Thanks, Aunt Sue!)
My two little bees!Emma so pretty!
Hannah LOVED her costume

Hannah and Daddy after a long night of Trick or Treating!

At daycare, Emma had a Halloween Party. They played lots of "scary" games and got treat bags. Both girls wore their super cute Halloween outfits!

For Halloween, both of the girls dressed up like bumble bees. We had a great time taking them trick or treating. Hannah got a little sleepy at the end of it all, but was a very good girl. Emma loved it and asked if she could go trick or treating again tonight! :)