Friday, September 13, 2013

Five On Friday

Since I have been the world's worst blogger for the past few weeks (and I can't make any guarantees that I will even attempt to do a real catch up post), I thought I would link up to Five on Friday. So, how about a few random's from the Williamson household today?

1) School has started back. Dance has started back. And honestly, it is so nice to have routine back in our lives. It's busy, but everyone in our house thrives on routine. And...while it's only been a couple of weeks, it's been going very smooth. (Fingers crossed we can keep it up!)

2) I started a new job this week! WHAT!? Yep. It's at a great company with lots of opportunity for me. I am finishing up the first week, but so far, I love it! It's much more fast paced than my previous job. Let's be real, we all know my hyper active tendencies need that!

3) We spent Labor Day weekend in Hot Springs. We swam, played on the lake, visited with family and celebrated my brother's birthday. I did a TERRIBLE job taking pictures, but Nicole, my SIL, took several. This one is my favorite from the weekend...

4) My mom is coming to visit this weekend. It's Grandparent's Lunch at Emma and Hannah's school. So, since she was driving up for that, we decided to have a girls weekend. You know what that means!? Shopping. Movies. Chinese food. YAY!

5) I am SO ready for Fall. I've been patiently waiting for slightly cooler weather to break out my fall wreath, burn my fall candles, cook comfort food in my crockpot and change my closet over. But, SWEET SALLY! It is not showing any signs of that and I am growing tired of waiting (and tired of staring at my summer clothes trying to figure out what to wear every day!). Next weekend, I am bringing Fall to the Williamson house...even if it is 90 degrees outside!

Happy Friday!