Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How am I feeling?

I only have 23 days until I deliver this baby. She has dropped. I can breathe again, but there are times when I feel like she is about to fall out!
I get asked A TON how I am feeling.Most days, I feel like this:

(Yes, I know I am not a beautiful glowing pregnant woman...but this is as good as it gets in 100 degree weather!)

There are a few days (more here lately) that I feel like this:


Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

This weekend, we were BUSY!

Saturday, we had pictures scheduled for the girls. I wanted to get some quick ones done before Catherine gets here and will follow up with some of all three of them. We met Faith at the Botanical Gardens Saturday morning. (click here to go to her website).

**She is AMAZINGLY talented and patient with kids. If you need pictures, I would highly recommend contacting her.

It was SO hot, but the girls were good and cooperated with Miss Faith. (Occasionally, Emma would try to tell HER where the pictures should be made, but that didn't last long).

Below are some sneak peeks of what we have to look forward to from Faith!

(I will post another post full of these once I get the final copies.)

(I am SO IN LOVE with these girls!!!)After pictures, we headed home. Travis cooked lunch and gave the girls a nap. I ran errands, since we decided to have some friends over for a cookout.

It was SO hot, but the food was good. Meredith, Thad and sweet Reece (who is the most well behaved baby I have EVER seen) came to play. Lauren and Ben stopped by and, of course, the Peschels.

We played with Reece, jumped on the trampoline, caught fire flies and ATE ATE ATE! The kids were drenched with sweat, but after the sun started to go down, it ended up pretty nice! We got out the baggo and played a little. Robert even got on the trampoline to bounce the kids around some!

Eventually, we headed inside for some Wii playing. The kids played while the adults...well...just look below!

Sunday, Travis and I took the girls to watch "Up". It is such a good (kinda sad) movie. Other than 22 bathroom trips with Hannah, we had a ball.

After that, Travis REALLY REALLY wanted to take the girls fishing out on the boat. So, we went home, threw on our bathing suits and headed out.
The fish were NOT biting. Hannah fished some. Poor Travis would cast it out and she would reel it in as fast as she could. By the time, he got his out in the water, she needed her tossed back out!
The girls decided that they were "bored" about 20 minutes into the trip. So, I entertained them, so Travis could get a little fishing in.

On the way home, I asked the girls if they had fun. Both of them said "Yes!". I said "Do you want to go back?" They both just shook their heads no (I think trying not to hurt Daddy's feelings!)

(Maybe Catherine will be his fishing partner????)

We had a super fun weekend. Stay tuned for A RODEO post!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jon FINALLY got married!

Last weekend, we packed up and headed to Hot Springs after the girls dentist appointments to start WEDDING WEEKEND! My little brother got married. Travis was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid and the girls were flower girls.

Thursday night, we went over to my grandparents to have dinner. GrandDa cooked a really good Cajun Casserole. We had a great time visiting with them and it was good to go to bed with a full tummy!

Friday morning
, we got up and hung around the hotel. I headed to the Bridesmaid's Luncheon at Belle Arte while Travis and the girls headed to the pool. The luncheon was WONDERFUL! Sue VanBebber and I hosted (read: I gathered the head count...Sue did the rest!). It was so pretty and well put together. Not to mention the lunch was wonderful.

After that, I went to check on Travis and the girls at the pool. They had company. All the bridesmaids and groomsmen were there. The girls were LOVING all the attention.

Friday night, we went to rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Dinner was at the Arlington in the Fountain Room. The flowers were gorgeous and the seafood was great. My dad gave a very funny and touching speech to Jon and Nicole, as he was the best man. I got up there later to wish them well.

Jon and Nicole handed out the wedding party gifts. The guys got a pocket knife with their initials engraved in it. Travis LOVES his. We got cute bags with our initials filled with goodies. The girls got cute small bags with their names filled with crayons, puzzles and such. They also got a wedding Barbie! (maybe Travis liked that the best?)

We enjoyed visiting with everyone and managed to escape a LONG day with only one major melt down.
Saturday, we got up and went to breakfast at my grandparents. DaddyBen, with a little help from Emma, cooked some amazing pancakes and bacon.

Then, I went to get my hair done while Travis took the girls swimming. Afterwards, we rushed to get ready and managed to make it to pictures just a tad bit late. The wedding was wonderful and everything looked SO beautiful....especially Nicole! (I only have these few pics. Once I get some from the photographer, I will do an additional post)

After the wedding, we headed to the Country Club for the reception. It was beautiful and so very personalized to celebrate Jon and Nicole and their special day. Everyone had a great time. The band was amazing. We stayed at the reception for a VERY LONG TIME and could hardly drag our girls off the dance floor. (Don't judge due to the lack of pics of Emma at the reception...she was chatting up the band!)

All in all, it was a great weekend. We are so glad to welcome Nicole to the family! CONGRATULATIONS! WE LOVE YOU BOTH!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Check out my pearly whites!!!

Thursday, Emma and Hannah both had a dentist appointment. Emma is an old pro, as she has been going since she was two weeks old (part of the deal when you are born with a tooth). But, this was Hannah's first trip.

She LOVED the waiting room as Dr. Caple has it all decked out with toys and animals. Emma is such a good big sister and told Hannah all about the prizes that she would get if she let Dr. Caple count her teeth.

When it was time to go back, Hannah was a little leery. But, we showed her the rings, bouncy balls and stickers she would get if she opened up. A few moments of bribery later, she had that mouth wide open for a cleaning.

They both did great and Dr. Caple said "Those are some of the most well taken care of teeth I have seen!" (a product of a mother who is borderline OCD about hers).

While Dr. Caple was checking Emma's teeth (he goes through the ABCs to "count" their teeth). He said "...L,M,N,O, P is loose" Emma looked at Travis and said "Daddy...MY P IS LOOSE!" We all died laughing!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Girls will be girls...

**I am behind on my blogging...but will play catch up this week!

I never thought of the girls as "rough and tumble", but the other night, they proved me wrong!

I get a kick out of this video with them laughing and PUSHING each other

(yes, we condone any type of rough housing...what can I say...it's fun! Also, ignore my living room...it never looks like that ;))

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

It's a date!

Catherine Grace will be making her grand debut at 7:30 (approximately) on July 24th!

So, the countdown is on....6 weeks from Friday!

(I am waiting on a couple of things and I PROMISE I will be posting pics of the nursery!)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Arty Crafty...AGAIN!

I decided that the girls needed something "arty crafty" for Easter. So, the "Easter Bunny" worked hard with a special helper to make sure the girls had these fabulous trays waiting with their Easter baskets.

I didn't take the pictures for a few weeks after, so they had gotten dirty. But, they wipe right off and we can go about coloring, painting, and eating all on those cute little trays!