Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love my baby legs!

Catherine has become one of the most laid back (sleepy) babies EVER! She is so happy when she's awake..

(I mean...I guess she is. It's not like she tells me, but if a baby isn't screaming, I would say they are happy.)

She LOVES her daddy! I love Baby Legs! These are quite possibly the best invention ever. Catherine's are a little big, but they keep her from fussing during diaper changes and are so darn cute!

Enjoy the pics of my little babe! BTW, the big girls will be home tomorrow! YAY! Lots of pics to come this weekend of all three girls!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Family Update

I just wanted to give an update on how things are going around the Williamson household these days.

We came home on Saturday and things were ok that night. Sunday night...DISASTROUS! Catherine was starving and wouldn't sleep at all. I had a break down. Travis was pacing. It was no fun.

But, we have the kinks worked out and everything is falling into place. My mom has been here since Catherine arrived and she has cooked and cleaned for us. She has also taken the big girls to do fun things to get them out of the house. So, Monday, she came over and let me catch a two hour nap. I have never felt more revived as I did after that. I was ready to tackle cranky Catherine again!

Monday afternoon, Catherine had a follow up appointment. When we left the hospital, she had a heart murmur and was a little jaundice. Dr. Lovell assured us that all that was cleared up and she looked "perfect".

He also mentioned that she is getting two teeth. read that right...TWO teeth. (Heaven forbid she be out done by Emma's one tooth). One in every twenty thousand births have a tooth or get one within the first month. Two out of three of my children have accomplished we are totally beating the odds around here!

Tuesday, my mom came and picked up Emma and Hannah to go spend the rest of the week at her house. She was off for the week and so was Daddy Brooks. They took the girls to the movies Tuesday evening and then back to the house for swim time!

I talked to the girls this morning and they are headed to Magic Springs today. I asked them if I could go and they told me NO! I miss them like crazy, but know they are having SO MUCH FUN!

Catherine and I are working on getting her on her schedule so I can function when the girls get home on Friday. It's going well. I even got a shower today before Travis got home. Cassidie and Lauren brought me lunch and hung out. I miss seeing them at work every day!

So, all in all, things are going great around here. Travis has been working short days. As soon as he gets home, he makes a bee-line for the shower. As soon as he gets out, he grabs up little Catherine and only gives her back to me for bath time!

We can't wait for the girls to get home so we can have some more family time. But, I am so grateful for all of the help my mom has given us. We needed a couple of days to get things with Catherine under control.

Nothing super exciting, but that's what's going on around here. (I am too lazy holding my sweetie to get up and find my camera cord. I will post pictures soon!)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick Pictures

Here are a couple of pictures of Catherine from the hospital. I will post more later.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Catherine Grace has made her debut!

Catherine Grace was born yesterday morning at 7:58 am. She weighed 7'9 and was 20 inches long (smallest in of the three girls).

She is so perfect and so sweet. However, last night, we determined that she has got quite the little temper on her!

Emma and Hannah are so proud and keep asking "When can I take MY baby home?". Travis is over the moon and so protective over her. You would think by the third one he would be a little chill..

I cannot get my pictures to upload from the hospital wifi. I will post more later (and yes, I am doing GREAT! I have already showered, put my jewelry on and MAKE UP!).

**Molly, I will send you one via email! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Last Project...

Talk about down to the wire!

Travis and I have been working on my bathroom project since about October ( heard me right). The conversation to start it went like this:

Me: Trav, let's tear all that ugly tile off the bathroom wall, texture and paint it.

Travis: That's a big job, Boni and I really think that's not a good idea. I am too busy to work on that for you

Me: WHAT!? Like I need you to do it for me. Just take the tile off and I will do EVERYTHING else...I can handle it.

Travis: I really think that's a big job, Boni.

Me: Please...I hate this bathroom. It will be so easy and I will do it myself...PROMISE!

Travis: Fine.

So, it began. He tore the tile off...I textured (one wall) and he did the rest! Needless to say, he will not let ME convince him that I can do anything construction-y myself!

Here are the before pictures: Try to contain your laughter!



So, the day before our new sweet baby arrived, we finished up our (read: MY) little project.

If you are wondering who made that BEAUTIFUL arrangement on the counter, just ask Cassidie! Thanks, Cass! You're the best!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend, Travis worked. Usually, I am not a fan of him working on the weekends, but this weekend was good because I got to spend some quality time with the girls. Sorry, Trav...we still missed you!

Saturday morning, the girls and I got up. I cleaned house and they caught up on some Playhouse Disney.

Then, we got ready and headed to Target. Travis is finishing up this fabulous (read: never-ending) bathroom remodel this week, so I needed to get a couple of decorative items i.e. new towels (yes, Travis considers new towels merely decorative! ha!). Pictures will come soon.

After Target, we went to Chic-Fil-A for lunch (Emma requested PF Changs, but that was a no go). We ate and played. Then, we headed outside for some fun trampoline/swimming pool time.

The girls and I created a new game, "Rain on the Trampoline", where I get the water hose and spray it in the air over the trampoline. For some reason, this is the funniest thing ever and they can hardly jump they are laughing so hard.

We played that game until Travis got home. I showered and met two of my friends for dinner and a movie...GIRLS NIGHT! We watched "The Hangover" (if you haven't seen it, you really's hilarious!).

Sunday, we were a little less productive. Travis worked again. So, the girls and I just hung out in our PJs for way too long to even tell you what time we got dressed. We played barbies, babies, hide-n-seek, chase and even jumped on the bed. It was a good time. Hannah also kept us entertained (see below).

All in all we had a great weekend. That was my last weekend with just Emma and Hannah...pretty soon there will be THREE little Williamson girls running around our house! (4 more days!)

I have a big day planned for them on Thursday, so stay tuned for pictures from our "Pre-Catherine Primping Day"!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Holy Moly Canoli!

Yep, in one week, we will go from a family of 4 to a family of 5...WOWEE!

I can hardly believe how soon that seems. But, little Catherine Grace is going to be making her appearance around 7.30 am on Friday the 24th.

At my appointment two weeks ago, the Dr guessed her to weigh right around 7lbs, so I am looking for another 8.5 to 9 pounder here! YAY! I just love my chubby little babes!

The girls are super excited and have been talking about their new sister non-stop.

Emma colors her pictures all the time that we have been hanging on the door to "show" Catherine when she gets home.

Hannah talks about how she can't wait to change Catherine's "poopie diapie".

Usually, that leads to an argument over who is going to rock Catherine and put her in her bed! (so funny!). So, sounds like I am going to have more help than I am going to know what to do with!

And, Travis, he can hardly contain his excitement! He is so ready to walk out of the operating room holding is new sweet girl! (Really...that's all I hear about!)

We are all so excited. But, as this is my 3rd C-section, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers for next Friday. I will blog from the hospital when I can!


Monday, July 13, 2009

Go Naturals!

Saturday night, we went to a Naturals Game. This is their second season and the first time we have gone. was time.

**If you were around Saturday night, you know how hot it was...this preggo was SWEAT---ING!

We didn't have any Naturals attire (it's ashame...I KNOW!). So, we got to the game early enough to buy some. Emma thought it was "an ugly boy shirt" and Hannah follow suit. So, the girls did NOT show their support through their clothing selection.

We had so much fun. We ate tons of fun ballpark food, had snow cones (Hannah OBVIOUSLY had a blue one), and cheered loud.

We were on the front row behind the visitors dugout. Emma got a ball and Hannah got a towel. They were SO excited. They also go up close and personal with Strike the mascot. But, I could NOT get either of them to take a picture with him...he's kinda furry and scary!

Despite the heat and the late night, everyone had fun. We will be back next year to cheer on the Nats!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



A few posts ago, I posted some teaser pictures that the AMAZING Faith took of my girls.

Here are some more (and maybe some duplicates, because I love them that much!). I JUST LOVE THESE GIRLS!

I highly recommend contact Faith via her website. Click here to check it out!

Shabby Chic

Drum Roll Please.......

Here are the pictures of where my sweet new baby will be spending her nights (Mommy or Daddy too!).

Please note that the other two girls rooms were much brighter as I tended to avoid pastels. However, three girl's nurseries later...I decided to change it up.

These pictures do NOT do it justice. It's so sweet and calm (hopefully to match Catherine's personality???)


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Independence Day 09

This year is the first year we haven't spent 4th of July in Hot Springs on the lake with my family.

It was kinda sad, but no more travel until Catherine arrives!

So, we stayed here and made our own fun. We played outside and did lots of stuff to get Catherine's room ready.

Saturday, we went to Arvest Ballpark to watch the fireworks. They were good, but seemed a little short to Travis and I. Blake, Candi and the boys came with us. We had so much fun getting to see them!

Sunday, Travis got up and took the boys fishing. The girls and I slept in, cooked breakfast and got ready.

When Travis got home, we went to watch Ice Age 3. It was very cute and we had a good time.

All in all, it was a pretty low key family weekend, but that's just what we all needed!
Stay tuned for pics of Catherine's room...IT'S FINALLY DONE!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Yee Haw!

July 1st, we headed to the Rodeo of the Ozarks. This is something that Travis really enjoys to do with the girls, so I just tag along and smile. (I am not a rodeo kind of girl...especially pregnant...and HOT!)

This year did not disappoint. We ate good food, watched a good rodeo and the girls had a blast.

(Please ignore the bruises on my children. They look like we beat them!)

First up was the parade through the arena. It was great. There were 712 horses and riders going through there. The girls were in awe at all of the horses.

We watch the Bronc Riding, Roping and Bull Riding (Molly, Carson would have LOVED this!). During intermission, they had sheep dogs (not sure what they are really called) come out and coral the sheep...WITH MONKEYS RIDING THEM! It was hilarious.

We had a great night and the girls enjoyed themselves.