Monday, April 28, 2008

Cheerleaders and Trouble

Emma has decided that she wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up... I know, right!? So, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to break out the pom poms (pump pumps, as Emma calls them) and tell her how I used to be a cheerleader. After she called Honey and requested to see some pictures of Mommy being a cheerleader, she decided to do a cheer or two. I caught one on tape...ENJOY!

I would also like to take the opportunity to share with you Hannah's trouble face. This is what we get when she gets in trouble, which is pretty often these days. It is SO hard not to laugh!


This Saturday, the girls and I met up with Jamie and Parker to go to RazorFest. There was lots to do and we had tons of fun. Emma won a little stuffed frog at a booth and LOVED seeing the dance team doing their thing. I am pretty sure Parker and Hannah liked the Dippin' Dots the best! It was a nice afternoon and fun to get out of the house. Below are some pictures of their girls in their Energizer Bunny ears. Too cute!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Way to go, Jon!

This week, Jon played in the Gulf South Conference tournament. He placed 25th out of 70 golfers, which is very good. He also made the front page of the Sports Section! We are so proud of you, Jon! We love you, Uncle Punk!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend in Hot Springs and "Garden" Gardens

This weekend, we went to spend a weekend in Hot Springs. We had a blast. Of course, Honey spoiled us while we were there with good food and lots of fun. Jon and his girlfriend, Nicole, were there with their "child", Bo (the dog). We had a great time shopping, visiting "Garden" Gardens (as Emma refers to Garvan Gardens), playing Wii and visiting with my grandparents.

Friday night, we just hung around the house and played a little Wii. Emma is a great bowler. She has some smokin' moves too (see video below!). We played until the batteries ran out in the controller!

Emma also LOVES "Aunt" Nicole. I looked over at them after Emma was tired of bowling and wanted Nicole to read to her. It was so sweet. I bet Nicole read all the books at Honey's...AT LEAST TWICE! We love you, Nicole!

Saturday, just the girls went to "Garden" Gardens. We got some great pictures of the girls. I will only post a few, but they were ALL so good! Honey and I definitely got our workout for the day, pushing 30 extra lbs, up hill, in the gravel...yeah...we were exhausted! Not to mention...does anyone know how hard it is to get a 1 year and a 3 year old to look at the camera and smile at the same time. Well, let me tell you...IT'S NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE! We also did a little shopping...because that's just what we do!

Saturday night, GrandDa and Daddy Ben came over for dinner. We had a great much fun that I forgot to take ANY pictures! :( Sorry guys. We had good dinner and good fun. Lucky for us, Daddy Brooks got some batteries, so, it was back to the Wii! We had fun...and I only lost by one point to Dad in bowling, but I had to let him win to keep his self-esteem high! ;) The girls loved playing with Uncle Jon and he loves PICKING on them! :) We love you Jon!

We had so much fun and can't wait for summer on the Lake. We love you all!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Age of Technology

I know you all have noticed how things have changed and we have all become so dependent on the way our ever improving technology makes our lives easier. Do you ever wonder how this will affect our kids that were born into this and will never know life without it? I have discovered a few things that point out just that.

  1. Every time I take a picture, Emma says, "Let me see!" She doesn't have a clue that not all cameras have a screen where you can review the picture before printing it.

  2. Emma asks to email my dad...FROM MY BLACKBERRY!

  3. This morning on the way to school, I looked in my backseat and this is what I saw:

Just a little something to think about! :) Have a good day!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

On the Loose!

Yesterday when I picked Hannah up from school, I was practically met at the door by the desk supervisor and the site director. UH OH! They had huge smiles on their faces...

HANNAH WALKED! heard it right! Yesterday at school, she walked 3 steps without falling down! I was so excited...and sad at the same time. She did it at school for the first time and I missed it! But, she can FINALLY walk! We are so excited for this milestone. I will post some pictures of her clumsy little walk soon!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Poor Baby Girl!

This morning, I woke Hannah up to get her ready for school and below is what I found! POOR THING!

Travis is the one who corks out when something is wrong with the girls...especially with eyes, so he was having a "freak-out" moment. Luckily I was there to keep things calm and rational (who would have thought I would be the calm and rational one!). I am not sure she even noticed, because she was laughing and trying to get in her highchair for breakfast! Travis and I took a warm washcloth and cleaned the gunk out so she could at least open her eye. I was worried it was pink eye, but luckily, when we got it open, it's all clear. I believe it's just allergies. Emma was so sweet. She was trying to console Hannah while we were wiping out her eye. She is the best big sister ever. By the time we left for school, her eye was opened and the swelling had gone WAY down, not quite back to normal, but close.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tea Party and Post Bath Fun

Last night, it was a typical night in the Williamson household. We cooked dinner and played. Emma decided that she and Hannah should play tea party. So, we pulled the Princess Table into the living room and they went after it. Emma ran in her room to get a spoon for the "sugar" and when she came back, Hannah was ON TOP OF THE TABLE! Emma told Hannah, "That is NOT how you play tea party!". We got Hannah down and then she threw all the cups and plates on the floor. Emma decided that she would just leave Hannah to her destruction and find something else to play with.

(Notice the destruction left behind!)

After bath, Emma want to play Hide 'n Seek. She kept hiding behind our transparent curtains! I thought these pictures were cute. Travis and Emma played Hide n' Seek and Hannah and I played Tickle Monster. This is just a peek of our typical nights at home! Enjoy!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh Emma!

First, I would like to apologize out here for everyone to hear to my parents. I am so sorry for all the "Unspoken Thoughts" I should have had all these years! Enjoy the funny below!

This morning, we were getting ready to walk out of the door. I had my hands full and asked Emma if she could please grab Hannah's sippy cup and my orange on her way out of the door. Here is how the conversations went:

Mommy: "Emma, Please grab my orange and Hannah's sippy and let's go."
Emma: "Here Mommy" (trying to hand them to me)
Mommy: "Emma, My hands are full, can you carry them to the car for me?"
Emma: "Sure."

A few steps closer to the door:

Emma: "Mommy, can you get this stuff?"
Mommy: "Emma Claire. I said my hands are many times do I have to ask you to carry those to the car?"
Emma: (walking behind me and mumbling under her breath) "Two or three probably."

Yes, you got it right, she had a smarty pants moment and I heard her! Although I was laughing on the inside, I did get her in trouble. She isn't even 4 and it's already starting...REALLY?! As my mom used to say: "Out of the mouths of babes..." I can feel already that the teenage years are going to try my soul!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A Williamson Weekend

This weekend was pretty low key for us. Friday night, Jamie and Cassidie came over. We spend the evening in the garage trying to get everything priced and ready for the garage sell Saturday morning. I never realized how much stuff the kids accumulate over a 6 month period. Yes, I cleaned out their closets and toy boxes about 6 months ago and gave everything to the Samaritan House. Needless to say, our garage sell was not lacking in the least.

So, Saturday morning, Travis went turkey hunting and I got ready for the big sell. The girls went to Lisa's for the day. Thanks, Lisa, for keeping them. They had a great time. It was VERY windy and Jamie and I had a hard time keeping things on the tables. However, the garage sell went well and we got rid of most of our stuff, including Hannah's bulky high chair. Travis is taking the rest to the Samaritan House this week. Saturday night, we just hung around the house.

This morning, we got up and realized that we didn't have any where for Hannah to sit a breakfast, because I hadn't gone to get her booster chair yet. So, Emma came up with the idea that we should just let Hannah sit at the princess table with her. Here are a few pictures from breakfast and lunch. Other than the garage sell and our weekly trip to Walmart and Sam's, we didn't do much this weekend. It was very relaxing!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hannah's Shots...sort of...

Hannah had her 1-year check up and immunizations yesterday...or at least she was supposed to. When we got to the doctor's office, they of course weighed her, measured her and took her temp. Her temperature was 101!? What in the world? So, we did the rest of her check up and status are below, but no shots. Funny thing is, she woke up this morning and is fine. FAKER! :) She just didn't want those shots!

Weight: 22 lbs
Height: 30 1/2 inches

Development: Saying 7-10 words, babbling, points to things and can find her tummy. She is pulling up and cruising on EVERYTHING, but is too much of a scardy cat to let go. So, no...she is not walking! She loves to play outside and ride her 4 wheeler (don't worry it's battery powered and very low to the ground). Her favorite foods are veggies and chicken. She is almost always happy and loves bath time. We are very proud of her and love to watch her grow and develop her independence every day.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Beautiful Weekend in NWA

This weekend was absolutely beautiful in NWA. Saturday morning, Travis had to go grout a floor. The girls and I slept in. We got up and ate breakfast. Afterwards, they were so busy playing, I decided to take advantage and clean out their closets and rearrange their rooms. I got so much done! I also found so much junk, I decided that I should have a garage sale next weekend (wish me luck) because one person's trash is another's treasure! After that, we took a nap. Hannah decided she was too big for a nap Saturday (big mistake). After nap, we went outside. Emma was pulling Hannah in her wagon around in circles. Hannah was holding on for dear life! Then, Jamie and Parker came over. We put the babies in the wagon, Emma rode her tricycle and we went for a walk. Then, we went to play in the backyard to swing and slide. Hannah was not a happy camper, since she skipped her nap! But, we had a great day Saturday.

Sunday, Travis and I cleaned out the garage and worked in the yard. We got so much done. Everything out front is trimmed down and the flower beds are ready for flowers! I have this beautiful rose bush out in front of the front porch that desperately needed to be trimmed. Travis ran up to the gas station to get gas for the lawn mower and weedeater. I decided to be productive while he was gone. So, I got the "trimmers" and started snipping away. Please keep in mind the most yard work I have ever done in my life was when my dad would make Jon and I pick up sticks out front before he mowed...
There are about 5-6 stalks on this bush that needed to be cut. I cut the first 4 and nothing fell because it was all tangled up together at the top. When I cut the last stalk, all of them came crashing down on my head. Imagine this: The thorns were stuck in my hair! So, I danced around the front yard trying to get the stalks out of my hair without doing too much damage to the top of my head, my face or my hands and arms. Needless to say, in the "Battle with the Rose Bush", it won! I have scratches all down my arms, a few on my forehead and lots on the top of my head in my hair! I better leave the pruning to Travis from now on!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lots of Kisses

Hannah's new favorite thing is to give kisses. She kisses me, Emma, Travis and even Jack! When she talks to Honey on the phone, she will kiss the phone over and's a big open mouthed kiss followed by a "MUAH"! So cute!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hannah Brooke turned 1 today! It's a tradition in our family that no matter what other party we have for a birthday, no one gets presents from us until the actual day. So, last night we celebrated Hannah's birthday. We had lots of yummy cake and presents. She had so much fun. Hannah didn't want to get her hands dirty, so she dove FACE FIRST into her cake! During presents, she couldn't get her attention from the first present to open the rest, so thank goodness Emma was there to help out and show her what it was all about! :) Hannah loved her new wagon and water xylophone. Overall, she had a great day! She goes to the doctor on the 8th, so I will have updated stats then. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!