Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Anniversary (A little sappy...)

So, Travis and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary on Friday. It's so hard for me to believe it's been 5 years of marriage already.

(Yes...5 years...going on 3 kids...WILD RIGHT!?)

He sent me some GORGEOUS roses to work on Friday and we went to dinner at Crabby's Saturday night, sans the girls, which was a nice treat. Dinner was fabulous! We pulled an "old folks" and came home to watch a movie, but we had fun just the same.

**Travis, I love you so much. You are a wonderful husband and father. I couldn't ask for more from you. You put up with my shopping and silliness. You work hard every day for the girls and I. It's been a great ride seeing our dreams come more and more of a reality each day! It's amazing how we have grown closer as we grow UP together. Life is wonderful with you...everything I dreamed. Look out we come! XOXO

Friday, March 27, 2009


Pre Pregnancy:

Pizza! Oh how I loved Pizza. We ate pizza in our house about once a week. Guido's was my favorite place and they knew us by name!


YUCK! I hate even thinking about eating it. Being around it makes me physically nauseous. Guido's probably thinks we died!
My family knows this. So, why do they ask for pizza EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY NIGHT!?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Potty Progress

WARNING: If talking about a child's bathroom habits grosses you out, this post is not for you!

If you recall this post, I said I would have Hannah potty trained by her birthday. Well, her birthday is next Friday.

Thing were cutting it a little tight to reach my goal, but I am stubborn and proud to announce:

TUESDAY: Hannah had only 3 wet diapers at school all day. She teeteed and poopied in the potty every other time!

WEDNESDAY: Hannah had one wet diaper! She went in the potty every single time that day, but didn't want to poopie in the potty.

I am so proud of my girl! Tomorrow, I am picking her up and we are going to pick out big girl panties to practice with this weekend!

I am sure many of you are wondering did you make this happen with that stubborn STUBBORN child? My friends, this is top secret, but the way to get my child to do something is easy...


Yes, I give her candy when she does well. Have I created a monster, probably. But, at least my monster will be out of diapers!

So, last night, I was telling her how we were going to go together to pick out special big girl panties. The conversation went like this:

Mommy: HANNAH! I am so proud of you for using the potty. I will pick you up tomorrow and just you and I will go pick you out some special big girl panties. But, you can't potty in them or we will have to throw them away! You don't' want to throw them away do you?

Hannah: NOoooooo! I wub big gul panties!

Mommy: Good! And before you know it, you can wear just panties and give your diapers to Catherine, because you are a big girl and don't need them.

Hannah: Wiiiit (right)! And we get big gul panties and no fro (throw) dem away and get some mo' canies (candy)!

(Yes, she will probably be five and still asking for candy after she potties, but's better than five and in diapers...isnt it?)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pretty Piggy Tails


Hannah's hair/mullet is long enough to make some EXTREMELY cute pig tails. Lucky for me, she wants to do everything Emma does, so she wants her her up every single day. She even sits SO still for me to get them even.

(don't mind the yellow clip, I am still trying to train her very stubborn cowlick to stay down!)

Monsters Vs Aliens

Wednesday night, we got to go to a pre-screening for Monsters Vs Aliens. The company I work for makes the video game and this is one of the perks!
Before the movie, we met the Peschel Fam for quick dinner at the Promenade. Emma and Ashton played more than they ate and rode the carousel. Hannah did NOT want to ride it.

The movie is 3D and it has great effects. It's a very VERY cute movie and I recommend everyone watching it (then go to Walmart and buy the game!).

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pretty Curls

Emma has hair like me, STRAIGHT AS A BOARD! So, we jazz it up a little and use sponge rollers at night to ensure a wonderful bouncing curl in the morning.

Here are some pictures from last night of my sweet girl. Plus this morning!

(her curls never last the whole day, but she loves them anyway!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a...

Today, Travis and I headed to the doctor for our ultrasound. We debated on taking the girls, but decided that we would just show them the DVD when we got home.

So, we watched our little bundle of joy kick around and act wild, which is expected of Williamson children! The baby is breech, but that doesn't really matter since I have a c-section scheduled.

We found out that we are having another SWEET LITTLE GIRL! Her name is going to be Catherine Grace. She is absolutely perfect. Her heart rate was 144 and she already weighs 12 ozs.

It was a shock at first and all I could think was THREE WEDDINGS, WOWEE! But, as soon as they turned the monitor on to hear her heart beat, I teared up and Travis broke into the biggest grin!

We are super excited. I am feeling great and will MAYBE post a baby bump pic soon.

Happy St Patrick's Day

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hot Springs Fun

This past weekend, we went to Hot Springs to visit Honey and Daddy Brooks and celebrate my birthday.

We had a great time Friday night just grilling out and eating burgers.

Saturday, Mom, Dad, Jon, Nicole, Travis and I all went to the horse races. This is my favorite birthday tradition. We had a blast. Nicole had the best luck of anyone by just choosing the horse with the best name, i.e. Prom Shoes, Classy Dresser, etc. These horses were usually the long shots, so paid the best. The girls had a blast hanging out with GrandDa and Daddy Ben all afternoon. Overall, it was a super fun day!

We came back and cooked fish. Then, Dad and I had to whip everyone at a game or two of baggo out by the pool. Emma was tired, so she wanted to lay in Honey's bed and watch Hannah Montana (I am pretty sure she was asleep in about 2 seconds).

Sunday, we headed to brunch at the Arlington. I love love LOVE going to brunch at the Arlington. This is the first time we have taken the girls. They weren't overly enthused with it, but they just haven't learned to love Eggs Benedict, Locks and Capers...I am sure they will!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hannah Pooh???

Here is a cute video I shot of Hannah talking last night...she's crazy!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Yes She Did!

Hannah went tee-tee AND poopy in the potty last night!

She is so darn cute. She came in to get in the bath and I sat her on the potty. She sat there for a little bit and all of the sudden I heard it! She looked at me with the biggest eyes and a sweetest smile and said "I do it, Mommy! I big gurl!"

Of course, Travis, Emma and I all screamed and danced around her. She was so proud of herself.

She has tee-teed in the potty several times, but never the other. She asked to go again before bed and tee-teed. I think she is actually figuring out what it feels like BEFORE she needs to go.

She has really taken to potty training and is doing well. She wants to wear panties SO bad. My goal is to have her in them by her birthday...FINGERS CROSSED!

**She is going to kill me when she grows up and knows I wrote about her first poopy in the potty for all the internet world to see...