Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Birthday, Date Night and Another Birthday

Last Thursday, we got together at Pinnacle Country Club to celebrate Tara's first 29th Birthday. The decor theme was "Finding the Perfect Dress". As usual, it was gorgeous. I was so excited to get to spend yet another birthday with Tara! Welcome to the 29-club!

Friday night, Travis and I went on a double date to the Flying Fish with the Browns. As usual, we had  blast with them. After dinner, we decided to head to Copelands for some yummy desert and more fun. Then, it was home to bed. (We are SO old!)

Saturday night, we took the girls to Bree's Rapunzel Party. It was adorable. Rachel held it at Shane's office which has a gorgeous balcony overlooking the square. The little girls dressed like the princesses we all know they are.They danced, got their faces painted and did all the things that royalty does. Happy Birthday, Bree!

We had a great weekend...and can't wait for the next one!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Easier the 2nd Time

I bet I heard that a million times from people. "Oh...don't worry about taking Hannah to Kindergarten, she's the 2nd child.", "I am sure it's easier when you drop the 2nd one off at Kindergarten."

Today, I dropped my 2nd daughter off at Kindergarten. For the 2nd time, I drove to school talking about how exciting Kindergarten was going to be. Twice now, I have had to turn and walk away from that same school with my little 5-year old tearfully coloring at her desk.

I spent most of the day busy with work. But, my mind kept wandering back to those comments. How I should be "used" to all those "second-firsts". I should be a pro. I finally decided, all those people were wrong.

It was not easier today. I know she is safe and happy at her school. I knew she would get into my car with a huge grin, loving her day. But, it's just not easier for me.

It's not easier to watch your middle child look at your oldest with big fearful eyes for a simple smile of encouragement. It's not easier to be slapped in the face with the reality that my sweet babies are growing up much to quickly. It's not easier to wait patiently for that bell to ring and that smile to find your car in the pick up line.

Travis asked me this morning why I was crying. I believe his exact words were "Why are you crying? It's not a sad day. It's a happy day." (such a man!) I am not sure why I cry/tear up every single year on the first day of school. But, I do.

 And even though I will go through "second firsts" and, eventually "third firsts" with Catherine (be still my heart!)...

all of our firsts will be special little moments that remind me how fleeting each one is.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Few Weeks

Let's rewind back a couple of weeks, shall we?

Since I've been home from the hospital, I haven't had to cook dinner at all! Rachel was so kind to organize someone to bring us dinner for a WHOLE MONTH! It was amazing and we have been so blessed to have yummy dinners. Some people I didn't even know brought us dinner and wonderful friendships were formed.

But, it was FINALLY time for me to get back to cooking. So, the week after vacation, I am proud to say, I cooked dinner EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT! I was so proud, I took a picture of dinner the first night. Yay me!

We also soaked up every minute we could watching the Olympics. This meant all of us staying up WAY too late. I love the swimming and diving. Those are by far my favorite events. The girls really loved the gymnastics. What a great year for them to fall in love with the Olympics too!

 Hannah and Catherine spent one day playing gymnastics with their Barbies. Hannah got to be USA and made Catherine be China. No matter how many times they played...USA won! :)

I've been working from home for a month or so now. But, I had my first meeting since the accident. I was SUPER nervous about crutching into the office and trying to do my job. For some reason, I've been worried that I lost my "mojo"/tenacity for the business. But, it was nothing a cute outfit and a great meeting couldn't cure. I.AM.BACK! :)

That same day, Honey came to visit for the weekend. Travis needed a break to do "boy things" (read: go hang out with his buddies in the woods and do whatever gross boy things they do.). So, the girls and I decided what better weekend to spend shopping 'til we drop than a weekend when Daddy is not around to rush us.

I was awful with pictures! In fact, I only took this one of Emma and Hannah before we went shopping on Friday. (Catherine went to school that day because she can't hang for a full 10 hours of shopping!) Honey and I took the girls to their favorite store, Justice. I took Hannah through the store and she took Emma. We met in the dressing room and had a blast trying clothes on them. That was just the beginning of our day. We had so much fun laughing and shopping! We picked up Catherine from school and took the girls to Sho-Gun for dinner, (their choice). Saturday, we shopped for school supplies and went to lunch.

Saturday night, Honey went home and we were so sad to see her go. But, we had something else fun to do...Owen's Birthday Party! Rachel is SO creative with this stuff. I stole these pictures from her blog, but she did such a great job! We had a blast!

So, if you're still with me, that brings us to this past week. It was pretty low key. Work for Travis and I. School for the girls. Catherine INSISTS on wearing her sunglasses to school every day. It's hilarious!

Yesterday, it was time to enjoy our last Saturday before school starts. We took the girls for haircuts, mani/pedis, lunch at Mojitos and to the movies. It was such a fun day! But, after too much time running around, I spent the evening with my foot in an ice bath...YUCK!

Today, we are being lazy and getting ready for the first day of school tomorrow! YIPPEE!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Sea Grove Beach 2012

At one point this summer, we all questioned whether our annual beach trip would be happening or not.

Luckily, all was well in our house and we loaded up the Yukon and headed to the beach. As the girls get older, the 14 hour trip gets easier and easier. We stayed in a different house this year than we typically do and the view was AMAZING!

We had so much fun hanging out on the beach, going to dinner and spending time together. We also celebrated sweet Catherine's 3rd birthday while we were there. She LOVED her "beach happy dirtday" and I cannot believe she's 3! Now for the pictures...

I wasn't the best with the camera this year, but still got tons of great pictures! We had a great trip and were all so sad to leave. Can't wait until Sea Grove Beach 2013! :)