Sunday, May 31, 2009

A HOT Wet Weekend

Friday, Travis left to go work out of town for a few days.

(The down fall of a husband whose business is taking off...word gets around! :) But, we are so grateful for his work through the slow economy!)

So, it was just me and the wild girls for the weekend.

Friday night, we stayed up too late watching a movie on Disney. (Not sure what it was, Emma's choice). We popped popcorn and vegged out on the couch. I didn't have my camera handy and once both girls got cuddled up with me, I wasn't about to move! It was wonderful.

Saturday, we got up and I cleaned house while the girls played (read: destroyed their room!). Once that was all done, we threw on our bathing suits, filled the plastic pool up in the back yard and headed outside. We spent about two hours out there before lunch. I watched the girls go from the pool to the trampoline and back...FOR TWO HOURS! It made me tired!

We headed in for lunch and a nap. After nap (they both slept for 2 hours), we showered and met Meredith and Reece for dinner at AQ. Mer and I ALWAYS go to AQ when we meet for dinner. It's the only time either of us go because no one else will ever go with us! Reece is a doll and he slept through dinner. The girls were FASCINATED with him and begged Mer to bring him over.

They came to the house and hung out for a few hours. Reece was so good the whole time. He tolerated my girls in his face and trying to put necklaces on him! This is the first time Hannah has had interaction with a baby as little as him. She was so good with him! It really eased some of my worries about how she would act when Catherine arrives. She made sure he had his "sassy" at all times...even if he didn't want it. Emma of course was wonderful and wanted to hold him the whole time. I feel a very spoiled youngest sister coming on!

Today, we got up early and headed to the grocery store. We actually made it though with no major meltdowns! We came home and played for a while. Then, we ate lunch and napped. I worked on Catherine's room while they napped.

After nap, it was back outside to the pool for "swimming". Ha! It was really a good weekend. We miss Travis very much, but still enjoyed our "girls only" weekend!

Say a prayer for me in the morning. Travis does breakfast and plays with the girls while I finish getting ready, then I take over for dressing and getting out of the door. It should be interesting with him gone! Hope you had a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend, we did what we always do...we packed up and headed to Hot Springs for a weekend on the lake and by the pool!

Friday night, we got there and met my parents, Jon and Nicole for dinner at my mom and dad's favorite place, KJs.

(Seriously, they eat there weekly...if not more!)

After dinner, we went back to there house. It wasn't exceptionally warm on Friday night, but the girls insisted on going swimming. So, Daddy Brooks got in the cold pool with the girls until their lips turned blue and we had to force them to get out.

Saturday morning, we got up and it was cloudy. I was so worried it would rain us out. But, we all got our bathing suits on and headed out to the pool. Travis was brave enough to swim with the girls that morning. I laid out and took tons of pictures, but avoided the pool.

(I also avoided the camera. Maternity bathing suits are NOT super cute!)

After lunch, we loaded up on the party barge for a boat ride. It was so fun and we found the sunshine! The girls love watching the front of the boat and telling Daddy Brooks to "go faster over the waves" from other boats. Honey put them in Daddy Brooks's lap and let them drive.

We got back to the house just in time for the sun to break out from behind the clouds. It was sunny for the rest of the afternoon. We had a blast playing Bag-O and swimming.
GrandDa and Daddy Ben stopped by with new baby dolls for the girls. They always spoil the girls and me! I got a special decoration for Catherine's room (which will debut later). Thanks, GrandDa and Daddy Ben!

Saturday night, we had a yummy dinner and played some more Bag-O. Jon and Nicole had to leave. We were sad to see them go, but are so excited. Next time we see them will be WEDDING WEEKEND! YAY!

Sunday, we got up to RAIN! BOO! So, we loaded up mid-morning and drove home. It was rainy all day, but we played inside and had a nice day. (Travis even snuck off to do some fishing during nap time).

Monday, we got up and played around the house for a while. After everyone got the lazies out, we ran some errands and got some more stuff for Catherine. It's 8 weeks until she arrives! I have to get busy and get her room done!

(pictures of her room and the girls new room coming soon!)

We had a great weekend and really enjoyed our time in Hot Springs as well as at home. Thanks, Honey and Daddy Brooks for letting us come play!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Buddha Belly

OK, I know my pregnant belly is huge, but I have big babies! Hannah weighed 8.8 and was TWO WEEKS EARLY! So, yeah, I know.

That being said, I am dedicating this post to the Target Lady, Gas Station Man and Restaurant Waiter. **Names have been changed to protect the ignorant. Please don't:
  • Look at my tummy with huge eyes and say "WOW! You are about to pop". Because I am not about to pop. In fact, I have two more months before I give birth and I am certain my family would feel much better about things if I didn't pop!
  • Rub my tummy in circular motions and ask me when I am due, all the while keeping your hands on me. You are a stranger. I don't know you. How would you feel if I rubbed your belly while I spoke to you?
  • When I answer your question of when I am due and step back a step (out of reach of your rubbing) don't step up, start rubbing again and say "Wow! Is it twins?" No, it's not twins...yes I know I am huge...AND GET YOUR HANDS OFF!
  • Ask me when I am due and when I respond say "OH WOW! There was another lady in here about your size, but she was due last week. Are you sure it's not twins?" I am sure. Modern medicine makes it increasingly easier to determine how many children are in there...again...I know I am huge.
  • Ask me if I need some help because (and I quote) "You dropped your receipt and I am sure it's hard for you to bend all the way down and back up with that belly out there!" No, it's not hard. I have a 2 year old and 5 year old at home. I spend most of my time playing on the floor with them and have no issues getting "this belly" up off the floor.
  • Tell me, as I am loading a case of water into my cart, "You shouldn't be lifting that in your condition" First of all, pregnancy is not a "condition". I am not dying. I am just pregnant. Second of all, I have a 2 year old who I pick up all the time. I am fine with a case of water!

I do not have a picture handy, but promise to post one soon of the Buddha Belly. I just needed to vent...gotta love people with no filter!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kindergarten Physical

Yesterday, I took Emma to her Kindergarten Physical with Dr. Lovell.

She had her eyes checked, her ears check, and was weighed and measured. She weighs 38 lbs (50th percentile) and is in the 90th percentile for height (I forgot the exact number). So, she's tall and skinny...which we knew!

Then, Dr Lovell came in and talked to us.

He spent lots of time talking to Emma and drawing shapes with her.

(Have I mentioned that he is the best Pediatrician EVER!?)

He said she holds her pencil great and that was always a good thing to see. She can draw a line, circle, square, triangle and diamond (that's all they did). The diamond is a 6 year old shape, so she's ahead of the curve.

She counted to 60 for him and wrote her full name (with a little reminder in the middle of Williamson...IT'S A LONG ONE!). He said most Kindergartners can count to 20 and write their first name...again...she is soooo smart!

(She can actually count to 100, but she kinda lost interest by 60! ha!)

Dr. Lovell and I talked a lot about things to do to keep Emma challenged. He said she was a very smart girl and extremely healthy. He gave her the A-OK to go to school in the fall!
(I guess there is no getting around registering her now...)
Then, Nurse Carrie came in and gave her three shots. She made it through the first two with no tears, but the third was more than she could handle. She cried and Nurse Carrier hugged her and told her how sorry she was. I scooped her up and loved on her...all was well in about 2 minutes.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Yesterday, I took a cookie cake up to Emma's class. She was so excited. She got her birthday spankings and to pick something out of the birthday box.

(Yes, I forgot my camera..again...I know I am mother of the year over here.)

After school, Travis headed home and worked on the super duper surprise present. I took Emma to gymnastics and managed to get out of the house without her knowing a thing.

We got home and decided to just go straight to the back yard and play. When we did, Emma and Hannah saw:

THEIR NEW TRAMPOLINE! (it was a combined present for both just came in on time for Emma's birthday!)

Emma, Travis and Hannah had a ball jumping on the trampoline. I am so jealous because I desperately want to be up there showing off my mad skills (ha) too, but it's a no go until little Catherine arrives!

After dinner it was PRESENT TIME! I only snapped this one picture of Emma with her gift from Aunt Candi, Uncle Blake, Tyler and Taylor. She loves her change purse, bracelet and sassy new purse!

This morning, Honey and Daddy Brooks came over bright and early. Honey and I worked on the new bedrooms (for all three girls!) while Daddy Brooks and Travis built a new fence! However, no work started until the Daddy Brooks, Emma and Hannah jumped on the trampoline.

(Yes, Emma is in her pajamas...and Hannah is in a T-shirt and panties. Cut me some slack it was 8.30 on Saturday morning...what do you usually have on?)

After we did a little work, we headed to Fun City for Emma's birthday party. What would a birthday party be without a fabulous tutu outfit from Amanda at Bibs and Cribs!?We had a great time. Emma got lots of neat gifts and had a blast running around like a wild monkey. The cake and company was great. Thanks to everyone for attending!

Afterwards, it was back home for more work on the rooms plus some extra trampoline time. We had a wonderful day! Thanks, Honey and Daddy Brooks for coming all that way just to be put to work! ha!

Friday, May 15, 2009


My sweet girl, Ems, turned FIVE today!

(as with Hannah...yes I call her that. Along with, Emszy, Emmie, Clairance or Love Muffin...just depends on my mood...and hers!)

It's crazy to my that my tiny sweet baby, Emma Claire, is FIVE today. Have five years really flown by?

Of course, we have TONS of birthday fun planned...stay tuned for the posts.

This morning, Daddy and Hannah went to get Emma doughnut holes and chocolate milk to start the day off right! She opened ONE present and got an awesome Princess Fishing Game from Daddy (a little girly, but's fishing!)

Tonight, Emma wants to go eat at our favorite catfish restaurant, Backwoods Barn. (it's in Goshen, if you have never tried it, you should!).

After gymnastics, we will head out there. Then, it's PRESENT TIME! (Maybe there is a top secret gift for BEFORE dinner...but how would I know...I'm just the mom!?)

There will be tons more pictures to come, but here is one in the school parking lot.

(Yes, I forgot to take one at home...because I am a loo loo like that!)


How can you possibly be FIVE whole years old? I remember waiting and waiting for you to come into this world. You were not in any hurry and have never been in your life. When I finally saw you and held you for the first time, it was one of the greatest moments of my life. You were beautiful, tooth and all!

You have grown up so much and are becoming such an intelligent beautiful young lady. You are so smart that with some of the things you say, I am floored! You are a wonderful big sister and have more patience and understanding with Hannah than anyone. You are kind to everyone in your class and (from what the teachers say) never exclude anyone.

Your quiet (at first) demeanor reminds me so much of your daddy. You sit back and take everything in for a bit before opening up and going at things full force. Your smile is contagious. You love everything pink and frilly. The more shiny something is the more you like it. I love having such a girly girl around!

You are FIVE now, Emma! It's time to register for kindergarten and embark on a whole new journey! We are so proud of who you are. Daddy and I love you very much!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

A BIG Busy Day!

The other day, when I got home from work, Emma met me at the door. (Travis had picked them up early).

She was so excited and the conversation went like this:

Emma: "HI MOMMY!"
Mommy: "Hi, Ems! How was your day?"
Emma: " was good. GUESS WHAT!?"
Mommy: "What?"
Emma: "Friday is my Birthday AND gymnastics AND Honey is coming to my house..."
Mommy: "I know! How exciting!"
Emma: "Oh Yes! Friday is just going to be such a BIG busy day for us!"

I was laughing so hard. She is quite the little planner and in her mind those three events couldn't be bigger or more exciting! (I agree)

(Stay tuned for birthday pictures tomorrow. Plus, party pictures on Saturday...and what would a party be without a SPECIAL outfit from Amanda!?)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was WONDERFUL around our house.

Travis let me sleep in (which he actually does almost every weekend that he's home). I finally got up and we headed to our favorite breakfast place, "Susan's".

(If you have never been there, try's fabulous!)

After that, we came home. It wasn't very pretty outside and kind of cold, so the girls and I just played until lunch. Travis snuck out for about an hour to go fishing and brought us back some lunch.

The girls and Trav gave me my present...very pretty Mother's Bands. I absolutely love them! Emma also made me something special at school. Her little hand print and inside of it reads "I love my Mommy because she reads books to me and gives me kisses every night." (tear)

After lunch, the girls took a nap. I picked up our bedroom while Travis finished texturing our bathroom walls.

(This project is slowly coming to a close and I will post before/after pics later)

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and playing with the girls. I couldn't be more happy or feel more blessed to have such a wonderful family.

(yes, these are pictures from Saturday, not Sunday...)

Every year, I realize being a Mommy is one of the hardest, most rewarding jobs EVER! I wonder each day how my mom did it so well and if I am going to be able to do it just as well.

Sometimes, I feel like I am barely muddling through. But, when the girls and Travis make such a big deal of Mother's Day, it makes me think "Hmmm...maybe they don't notice I am scatter-brained and hate folding laundry. Maybe all they notice is that I love them and want to be with them ALL.THE.TIME!"

I love them all so much and can't wait for little Catherine to join in on the fun! (10 weeks and counting!)

Graduation and Playing Outside

Friday, Jon (my little brother) graduated from Henderson. I made a special trip (sans the girls and Travis) to Hot Springs and rode with my parents to graduation. Let me say...Henderson graduation was awful small compared to the U of A. But, Jon did wonderfully and we were so proud of him.

Friday night, we had dinner and hung out by the pool most of the night. It was so relaxing and I was so glad to get to spend time with my parents, Jon and Nicole.

Saturday morning, I got up and came home. I got home to a VERY clean house and two napping beauties. Travis always takes such good care of them while I am gone, I never worry!
When the girls got up from nap, we spent the rest of the day outside. It was a little cloudy, but we had fun just the same.

Emma and Hannah rode around in the yard in the convertible. Emma drives like her mother. Hannah just hops in and enjoys the ride! (She used to it) (I guess they will like roller coasters too!)

After that got old, it was on to a game of tag/hide-n-seek. Emma was "it" first. Hannah would hide (wherever Emma told her to). As soon as Emma would get close, Hannah would die laughing and take off running. Then, Hannah was "it". She would walk around saying "Where my Emma go?" until she found her. This was usually followed by Hannah grabbing Emma's shirt and dragging her to the "it" tree.

Finally, they had enough of that and wanted to play baseball with Daddy. Emma LOVES to hit the ball with Travis and play catch. Hannah never really participates. But, they both wanted to play. Emma's turn was first. She hit quite a few. The whole time she was hitting, Hannah was standing to the side with her arms crossed saying "Emsie! MY TURN! IT'S MY TURN EMSIE!" It was hilarious.

Finally, we were cleaning up all the toys from the yard and Travis decided to show me his secret talent...HE CAN JUGGLE! (but only if he holds his mouth in an "O" shape!)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

100 Things

So, I saw this on another blog and have been meaning to do this. Here are 100 things about me...

1. I LOVE green beans

2. I love to read. When I start a book, it typically means I will stay up all night reading it and come close to what I consider family neglect trying to finish it.

3. I cannot stand any food that is slimy. I mean no jello, jelly, pudding, oatmeal, bananas. It all grosses me out.

4. I love the dentist. I love to go to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. I love brushing my teeth. I am pretty sure I am almost considered OCD when it comes to my teeth.

5. Travis knows when I am really mad, because I cry. I don't typically cry when I am sad, but when I am mad and crying...LOOK OUT!

6. I am very hard on myself when it comes to my parenting skills. I never feel like I am great at it and there is always something I could do better.

7. I was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" every year in Middle School and "Most Likely to Host a Talk Show" in High School. (would that be considered succeeding???)

8. I don't like to hug. I hug my kids and that's great, but I am just not a big hugger. My mom is a HUGE hugger and gets so mad at me because I "half hug".

9. I wish I was more arty crafty. I have always admired that in someone and think its almost a necessity when your a mother.

10. I despise folding clothes. In fact, if you just "pop in" at my house, you can bet the over sized chair will be full of clean clothes that need to be folded. I usually do it once a week and fold about 12 loads at once. (this is immediately followed by "I am never getting behind again!")

11. I love clipping coupons, but NEVER remember to take them with me to the grocery store!

12. I make a menu every Sunday and then make my grocery list off of the menu. Its the only way I make sure I have everything I need for the week.

13. I outgoing and speak or smile at every person I make eye contact with.

14. I LOVE to rough house with my kids. Travis is the protective one. I am the wild fun one. It works out well that way.

15. I let my kids jump on the beds and off the couch. It's something I never understood why I couldn't do it when I was younger. (My mom says I will get it when someone gets hurt...)

16. I LOVE to clean out closets. When I have time, I clean out all the closets in our house. Its always overwhelming at first, but the satisfaction when it's done is awesome!

17. I hated my name when I was younger. I thought it was an old lady name and the spelling was horrid. Now, I love it. It's different and has so much meaning since it's a family name.

18. All the girls names (either first or middle) are family names. They will hate them at some point, but end up loving them, I hope. (See #17)

19. I have thought twice about changing this list to 50 things about me...

20. I love talking on the phone to my GrandDa. She is always encouraging and brags on me just enough to add a little pep in my step for the day.

21. Bea Bea (my other grandmother) died when I was a freshman in college. I watch Wheel of Fortune almost every night and think about her the whole time. We watched it together and always talked about teaming up and going on there.

22. One of my dreams is to be on Wheel of Fortune.

23. I love to shop, but cannot shop in chaos. I do terribly at sales since there is no organization to the racks.

24. Pink is my favorite color, but I hardly own any pink clothes.

25. I wanted to be a Neuro Surgeon and then a Pediatric Cardiologist when I was younger.

26. I hate hot fruit.

27. I used to hate steak, but have developed a taste for it over the course of this pregnancy.

28. I love that my girls are "girly" girls.

29. I love the book "The Five Love Languages." I read it and then read it to Travis (he hates to read). I truly believe it helped us better understand each other and strengthened our marriage.

30. I am a "Word of Affirmation", but show my love through "Giving Gifts".

31. I love to talk.

32. Once you are my friend, we are friends for life. If you ever need anything, I am there!

33. I am a big "first impression" person. If you make a bad first impression on me, it's hard to win me over after that.

34. I am a control freak.

35. I screen my phone calls. If I don't recognize the phone number, I don't answer.

36. I hate the "text messaging slang" that people use. My husband is the worst!

37. I have a BIG southern accent, but my Daddy Ben made sure I said the word "get"'s not "git".

38. I love being from the south. Being a southern girl is the best!

39. There was a time that I didn't want to have kids. It's now the best thing in my life and I wouldn't change any of it!

40. I used to spray hair spray on the sidewalk and set it on fire. Pretty sure I did that on my dorm room door one time just to see if it would work.

41. I do not view the bodies at funerals. I do not want to remember the person I loved so dearly like that.

42. I pray for patience daily.

43. I remember fighting with my brother one time and he got so mad that he took all my shoes out of my closet and threw them off the back night.

44. I remember my dad constantly making up songs when we were younger. "Momma's on the war path" makes us all laugh when we sing it.

45. I talk to my mom almost every single day.

46. I believe that being a good Christian is in your actions, not just your words and how many Bible verses you can recite.

47. I took ballet and tap for 10 years.

48. I am extremely independent and want to be the one that does EVERYTHING for my family...job and all.

49. Sometimes, trying to do #48 almost kills me! :)

50. I want my daughters to feel beautiful and smart. I do not want to know that any of them suffer from self image issues.

51. My husband is my best friend. We are as different as night and day, but balance each other out. He is so laid back and calm.

52. My favorite show on TV is House. If I was sick, I would want him to be my doctor.

53. I hate taking medicine.

54. I love storms while I sleep.

55. I used to be a heavy sleeper. I could sleep through a tornado. But, now that I have kids, I wake up at any little noise.

56. I hate flannel sheets.

57. I always wanted to have a little boy. But, now that I know its all girls, I am giddy over the fact that I will get to see the closeness of sisters.

58. I talk to my brother a lot, but talk to my future sister-in-law about 2x as much.

59. I was a life guard in the summers in high school.

60. I scored a 31 in Math on my ACT, but failed Calculus in college. (I think I am a good guesser)

61. I am a great test taker.

62. I used to dream of having different color eyes besides brown because I wanted to be unique.

63. When my husband calls me randomly throughout the day, it gives me butterflies (excited) to see his name on the caller ID.

64. I get so excited everyday driving home to pick up the girls. I can't wait to hear about their day.

65. I am a terrible driver.

66. I believe I have learned more about myself in the past year than any other time in my life.

67. I sleep with covers on every matter how hot it is.

68. I cannot stand clutter on the counters.

69. I love the beach. Give me white sand, crashing waves, a lounge chair and a good book any day!

70. I love holidays! I get ecstatic when it's time to buy gifts for my family for holidays.

71. I look forward to driving with the windows down in the summer.

72. I like to see how long we can go each summer without turning the air conditioner on in our house. One year we made it until July!

73. I am tight...just like my dad.

74. I am a daddy's girl.

75. My mom and I used to fight like crazy growing up, but now, I call her for EVERYTHING!

76. Thinking of 100 things about myself is quite possibly one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

77. I am usually pretty happy.

78. I am not a morning person.

79. My favorite drink is milk. I love to go outside and play with the girls, then come in to a big glass of ice cold milk.

80. I jumped rope in my living room...yesterday. (Yes, I know I am 6 months pregnant.)

81. I am the most uncoordinated person you have ever met in your life...despite the 10 years of ballet.

82. My nickname on my basketball team was "Big Burt" because I played post and all the girls were bigger than me. I guess it was supposed to be intimidating.

83. I love coats. I have more than one person should and buy the girls 3 or so each year.

84. I wear a scarf with my outfit almost every day in the winter.

85. My dream trip is for Travis and I to go to Italy. I have dreamed of going there since I did a report on the country when I was in the 6th grade.

86. I hate camping. It's's's not for me!

87. Travis loves camping, so I participate.

88. I love to vacuum. Those lines on the carpet are so pretty when it's all done!

89. I am the world's worst at starting a project, getting side tracked and taking 10 times too long to finish it.

90. I have always wished I was a coffee drinker, but have never really liked it.

91. A few years ago, Travis and I got up every morning, sat on the porch and talked for a few minutes before it was time to go about the hustle and bustle of our day. (see #78 for why we stopped!)

92. I carry huge purses.

93. My favorite movie of all time is "Pretty in Pink"

94. I love my job.

95. I am adamant about not drinking diet drinks. They may have less calories, but the aspartame is terrible for you.

96. We do not keep sodas in our house. My mom is the reason for that and I believe that's why I was so skinny when I was younger.

97. I love trampolines. Emma is getting one for her birthday and I cannot wait until I can jump on it with her...AFTER THE BABY OF COURSE.

98. I love to read other people's blogs. Even people I don't know. It's so interesting to read about other people's lives.

99. I hate to shop online. I need to touch it, see it, hold it before I buy.

100. My favorite hymn is "Amazing Grace". I sang it to both Emma and Hannah every night when I rocked them to sleep. I will do the same with Catherine.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hannah's 2 Year Stats

Yes, I know it's been a few weeks since she turned two, but we wait if we have to in order to see our favorite Pediatrician, Dr. Lovell.

Hannah was so excited (not sure why) to go see Dr. L. All I heard all morning was "I go see 'Dr. Yubble'" (No, my child CANNOT say "L"s).

Hannah weighs 28lbs (70th percentile) and is 35 inches tall (80th percentile). Right on track according to Dr. L.

Verbally, she is on a 3 year old level and her large motor skills are also advanced. Small motor skills are average for her age. Hannah showed out for Dr. L by chatting him up for a while and flashing those big dimples.

Some of the things she is doing:

Talks in 3-5 word sentences

Counts to five

Pedals a tricycle (after a boost to get started)

Copies a line and circle


Plays pretend with her babies

Love to play grocery store

Potty trained

Undresses herself

Can put her own panties and pants on

Hannah is still TOTALLY in love with her sister, but over the past few weeks, the fighting/arguing has picked up. (that's expected). Hannah is so sassy and strong-willed. She LOVES animals and Little Einsteins. She is spunky and wild, but has a temper like a fire cracker.

We are so proud of how big she has gotten and how incredibly smart she is. She is undeniably beautiful.

(Which, if you have seen baby pictures of her....I'll stop there. Let's just say her eyes were LARGE when she was an infant)

We can't wait to see what the future holds for this little blessing.