Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Quick Catch-Up

I HAVE BEEN SUCH A BAD BLOGGER! We had had tons going on and I haven't posted about ANYTHING!

Unfortunately, with all that busy, I haven't taken any pictures. (I know about 8 of my 10 readers just closed this page out...but for those of you still with me...)

A couple of weeks ago, I had to go to LA for work. We stayed in a great hotel right in the heart of Beverly Hills. However, it was so busy, we never left. BOO! It was a nice break to catch up on some peace and quiet for the first couple of days. After that, I was DYING to come home!

While I was gone, it was just Travis and the girls. He did GREAT taking care of them. Everyone was happy and mostly healthy when I got home. Travis had to take Catherine to the Dr for ear infections, but they managed through just fine. The house was even clean!

The week I got back, I received a job offer from another company. I was so excited and accepted. I will be starting my new job on May 10th. I had to give my notice at my current job, which was VERY hard. I wish I could say everyone was supportive, but that was NOT the case. That pretty much just summed up the fact that this move is the right thing for me and my family! So, thanks for making it easy. :)

Last Thursday night, I was invited to Kitchen Queens. It's just a bunch of girls getting together over good food and wine to chat about life. I only knew one other girl there and was hesitant to go. However, I went and had the best time. Everyone was so nice and I really enjoyed making some new friends. I can't wait until next month!

This past weekend, the girls and I went to Hot Springs to see Honey and Daddy Brooks and to go to Disney on Ice in Little Rock. I was beyond exhausted before we even left, but it ended up being a great time.

Daddy Brooks kept Catherine, while the big girls went shopping. (Travis stayed home for a little work and a lot of fishing!) Between the four of us, I think we left there with 6 new pairs of shoes! Its in our genes to love shoes like that! Disney on Ice was very good and the girls LOVED it. I enjoyed spending some time with them and my mom doing what they wanted to do.

In between all this chaos, Travis and I have been working in the yard and making a few updates on the house. I will have pictures when it's all complete.

WHEW! That's what we have been up to the past two weeks. This weekend will be some QT at home. I will have TONS of pictures. Plus, I need to update from Catherine's 9 month visit. So...hang in there...I will start posting again!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What happened to the sun?

When I left for California, the weather was so bright and sunny! We spent the ENTIRE weekend playing, cooking, even napping outside. It was wonderful!

Hopefully, the week will shape up to be MUCH better than this weekend has been. I need some of this...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a WONDERFUL Easter this year. It is such a happy time of year to remember the true meaning of why we celebrate this holiday.

We spent Easter in Hot Springs, as we do every year. We went to church on Sunday morning with my parent, grandparents and brother and sister-in-law. Then, we went to the Country Club for yummy lunch and time spent with the family. It is always so fun to get together with everyone!

Enjoy the pics below of my wonderful family before church!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hannah Brooke turns THREE!

Saturday, sweet Hannah Banana turned three years old. We were in Hot Springs for Easter, so we had a fun family party that lasted ALL day!

We woke up and had yummy blueberry muffins. Travis and my Dad left EARLY in the morning and went fishing for a little boy time. That was find with us! The girls got dressed and we all headed to the Country Club for egg decorating, egg hunting and yummy lunching.

We had SO much fun. While we were decorating eggs, I showed Hannah how if you dunked an egg in red and then blue, it would turn purple. She decided to give it a shot using green and orange. She was SO excited to find out that made a beautiful BROWN egg!

Hannah found TONS of eggs, (she is my aggressive child). Emma found quite a few, but she is too sweet to run over others for eggs. The Easter Bunny was there too. Hannah HATES all those characters, so she was NOT excited to see him!

After that, we ate lunch and headed to the playground for a while. It was such a beautiful afternoon.

We all got home just in time to take a nice nap. After nap, the girls and I went to get a mani/pedi. We, of course, had a blast.

That evening, Uncle Jon, Aunt Nicole, GrandDa and DaddyBen all came over for dinner, presents and cake. Hannah got so many wonderful gifts. GrandDa knitted her a little cardigan and it's so cute. Honey and Daddy Brooks got her an American Girl Doll, "Brebecaca" (Rebecca) and tickets to Disney Princesses on Ice. Aunt Nicole and Uncle Jon got her a baby doll that goes pee pee! She got some clothes for her birthday. I asked you to hold them up so I could see them. You can see that she just held up a big wad of clothes and said "See!".

She had so much fun and LOVED us singing Happy Birthday to her and blowing out her candles. We all had so much fun celebrating with her. It's hard to believe she is already the big 0-3!

Hannah Brooke,

Wowee! You are already three years old. Time flies when you're having fun! I remember it like it was yesterday when you were a tiny baby who screamed all day every day. That has passed and you are the happiest child I know.

You are growing into such a big girl. You have an imagination that could keep you busy for hours. Playing house, babies and restaurant are your favorite things to do now. You LOVE to play with Emma. You, also, love to make others laugh.

I can always count on you to help me with dinner and anything else I ask. However, you DO NOT like to clean up your room. Catherine thinks you are hilarious and you have such a special relationship with her. Your best friend at school is Lolo (Lauren Williams).

Han, you are so bubbly and full of life. Your personality is so big. I know God has big plans for you, sweet girl. Keep that smile on your face and let those dimples shine through. I cannot wait to see what lies ahead for you! You make us so proud.

We love you!
Mommy and Daddy

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Few Funnies by Hannah

As most of you know, my middle daughter, Hannah, is quite a handfull. She is wild, crazy, loud and VERY funny! (cough*acts like her mother*cough)

I need to do a better job of recording some of the things she says, but here are a few from the last couple of days.
Emma and Hannah were playing in the kitchen. The conversation went like this:

Emma: I am going to be a vet when I grow up.
Hannah: OH YEAH! I am going to be better than that! I am going to be a Sonic Cooker! HA!
I was in the living room with Catherine. Hannah was back in her room. All of the sudden I heard a LOUD bang from her room.

(boom boom boom....Hannah running into the living room)
Hannah: What, Mommy?
Me: What are you doing?
Hannah: Well, Mommy, I am STANDING HERE talking to YOU!
One morning, Travis had left for work SUPER early. He usually takes Hannah and Catherine to their school and I take Emma.

Emma: Hannah, you have to ride with me and Mommy today
Hannah:: NO I DONT!
Emma: Hannah, yes, you do.
Me: Girls! No fighting. Hannah you do have to ride with me today.
Hannah: NO! MY Daddy is going to take me.
Me: (laughing) No, Han, he is already gone...either you ride with stinky old Mommy or your gonna be walking.
Hannah: Welp...I guess I'm walking then!
When Emma lost her tooth, it was a big deal...TO EVERYONE! Hannah was telling her just to get it out of her mouth, Emma was begging Travis not to tie string around it and jerk, Travis was trying to get his fat fingers in Emma's mouth and I was trying to coral the circus. The only one who was oblivious was Catherine...she was eating mac n' cheese, so she didn't care! After the tooth was pulled, things calmed down.

Emma: IT DIDN'T HURT! The tooth fairy is going to come see me tonight! YAY!
Hannah: (big tears rolling down her cheeks)
Travis: Hannah? What's wrong, baby?
Hannah: alkdjfa;lijdlkjg (talking through the tears in a language only aliens can understand)
Travis: What, Baby?
Hannah: alskdjfa;ljdf
Travis: Boni...what is she saying?
Me: Hannah, baby, what's wrong?
Hannah: a;lskdjflasdjf
Me: She said she doesn't want the tooth fairy to come in her room tonight.
Hannah: I don't want the tooth fairy in my room. Emma doesn't need anything from her. PLEASE, Mommy, don't let her in the house!
Me: Hannah, you will be asleep and won't even know she is there.
Hannah: But...what if she wants MY teeth!?
Now...a picture of my big ol' ball of personality!

Something's Missing...

Tuesday night, Emma lost something....HER FIRST TOOTH!

(It's actually her second tooth to lose. She was born with her first one and lost it at 2 weeks old...we don't count that one!)

It was big drama and Emma was VERY upset when it was bleeding and dangling from a thread of gum, which is evident from this picture.

After she noticed her tooth was bleeding, she didn't want to pull it out because she was scared it would hurt.

FINALLY after much begging from me, I convinced her to let me pull it for her. Two wiggles and a tug later, I had her tooth in hand! She even said she didn't feel a thing!

Here are pictures of her on the phone with Honey sharing the big news! And, one of her beautiful snaggle-toothed grin! (it was taken with my phone..poor quality!)