Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pre-Party, Fun with Cookie and Easter Weekend

This past week, Emma went to Hot Springs and spent some QT with Honey and Daddy Brooks. She made cupcakes for Hannah's early birthday, went to the Mid America Museum and Daddy Brooks even took her to get a mani pedi! She had a ball!

Travis, Hannah and I arrived in Hot Springs on Friday evening. We had a blast playing and having Hannah's "Pre-Birthday Party". Also, Molly (Cookie) and her family came by and watched the game with us. It was so good to see them all. Emma had so much fun playing with Sydney. She loves playing with older kids. Hannah and Carson were both a little fussy and not too pumped about each other, but we did try to get a picture or two! Cookie, it was so good to see you and your family! We MUST do it more often!

Saturday, Mom, Dad, Travis and I went to the horse races at Oaklawn. We go every year at least once and had a blast as usual. Mom and I pooled our money and ended up doing ok. Travis...poor Travis...he couldn't win if there was one horse racing! We had so much fun. My grandparents kept the girls and had a blast. Emma always loves going over there. Thank you, GrandDa and Daddy Ben, for keeping them. Saturday night, when we got home, we decorated Easter eggs. This year, Emma wanted to actually color them. I say this, because last year when we asked her what color she wanted her eggs, she got super excited and said "HOW ABOUT WHITE!?". Before bed, we talked about what Easter meant and why we celebrate Easter. I had a hard time helping Emma understand that the Easter Bunny is NOT in the Bible. But, I think she finally got it.

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny had stopped by and left the girls some things in their baskets. I did not get a picture of the baskets before Emma dumped them out. Then, we went to church with Honey, Daddy Brooks, GrandDa and Daddy Ben. I have a few pictures of the girls to share, because I could NOT get them both to look at the camera at the same time. They looked beautiful in their dresses. At church, it was a wonderful sermon and both girls were pretty good in church. After church, we went to the Country Club for lunch. It was great. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking us. Overall, we had a great Easter weekend.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sunday Fun and Fits

This weekend, we took Emma and Hannah to watch "Horton Hears a Who". It's a great movie and they had fun. Hannah took a little siesta during the middle, but woke up just in time for Jim Carrey and Steve Carroll's rendition of "I can't fight this feeling...". Hannah was dancing. It was hilarious. Emma is kid in the movies that laughs really loud....louder than everyone else....louder than the movie. Yeah...she's that kid!

When we got back from the movies, we played outside. I brought Hannah inside to change her diaper and...duh duh duh....the temper that we didn't know existed came to light. She kicked, screamed and threw herself on the floor. I couldn't even get her pants back on her. Needless to say, we didn't go back outside and to find some humor in this fit, I took a picture to share with the world! I will also show this picture to her when she tells me about the fits her kids are throwing! :) She had another one this morning and Travis and I are at a loss with what to do with her. Hopefully, she will grow out of it...I did, right?

So...Emma is the "Loud Laugher" and Hannah is the "Fit Thrower". What are/were your kids?

Parker's Birthday

This weekend we went to Parker Stearns birthday party. She turned one and we had a great time. The girls had fun "helping" Parker open her gifts and Emma loved the cake. I wouldn't let Hannah have and because she has to wait until her party! :) Here are a few pictures from the party. Thanks for inviting us, Jamie! We had a blast!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

11 a few days I am not the best at posting the updates, but Hannah turned 11 months on March 3rd. She is getting so big, I can hardly believe how time is flying by! We don't have another check up until her 1 year visit, but she is getting sooooo big!
Hannah is pulling up and cruising on everything. She knows how to call Jack and say Bird. She is eating almost all table food with very little baby food, if any and does great with her sippy cups. The only unfortunate part about her eating habits is the only time I can get her to use a plate or bowl is when she is on the floor. If she has one in her highchair, she just dumps the food off and throws the plate on the floor. We are working on that! Hannah's favorite person, by far, is Emma. Emma will scream and then Hannah will copy her. They will both just laugh and laugh! Hannah has started copying everything we say and loves when you copy her. She is growing like a weed and is now facing forward in her car seat! Pictures are below...enjoy!

Here Comes Spring!

This weekend, we had an absolutely beautiful day on Sunday. It was sunny and warm...quite a change from the snow we saw last week. So, after church, we took advantage of the day. Travis and I worked in the yard (which really needed it since it was totally neglected last spring/summer as we were consumed with a new baby). The girls had a blast playing outside. After Travis and I finished the yard work, we played too. We played in Emma's club house, pushed them on the swing, played baseball and chased them down the drive way on their ride on's. It was so fun. I really hope this weather sticks around! If you wonder why Hannah's mouth is wide open in all these pictures, she was at Emma. They like to do that to each other and laugh...A LOT!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh Emma!

So, I have friends who post "funnies" that their kids do or say. I decided that Emma had a blog worthy funny this week. So, here it goes.

Monday night, Emma was talking to Honey (my mom) on the phone. The conversation went like this:

Honey: Hi Emma. Nothing...what are you doing?
Emma:(laughing) I just tooted on my Mommy. Are you going to spank me?
Honey: NO WAY! I am going to love on you. Why did you toot on your Mommy?
Emma: Because...
Honey: You are just like Daddy Brooks with all that tooting
(Daddy Brooks laughing in the background)
Emma: I am going to toot on him for laughing at me!

Later in the conversation:

Honey: It's your Mommy's birthday tomorrow.
Emma: I KNOW! Can I come?
(She thinks if it's your birthday it means a party! SPOILED LITTLE GIRL!)

It was snowing so Travis and the girls were staying home. I had to run into the office for a few hours. As I was ready to go:

Mommy: Bye Emma. I love you
Emma: Where are you going?
Mommy: To work for a little bit.
Emma: YOU CAN'T! You have to stay here!
Mommy: No, Emma, I have to go to the office. I will be back soon.
Emma: (In her bossy voice...) Okay, but you are going to miss your birthday!
Mommy: (laughing) No I will be okay
Emma: (sighs) might...but whatever!

Oh the things she says...I am sure you are all going (her mother's child!). I will try to post these "funnies" more often. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Snow and Birthdays

OK, so in case you haven't noticed my posting have been few and far between lately. That is because my camera has not been the most cooperative and it finally bit the dust.
Luckily, I have a wonderful husband who got me a new FABULOUS camera for my birthday. Yep...I said birthday...I am officially old...25! Holy cow!
Anyways, luckily, I had this wonderful new camera yesterday because we had a SNOW DAY! Emma and Travis had a ball playing outside. Hannah wasn't super impressed, so we just watched from the warmth of the living room.

Last night, Hannah decided to sneak off and we found...well...just look at the pictures! She is a mess! Emma thought it was all too funny and before I could get it all cleaned up they had both eaten about 20 animal crackers and ruined their dinner! I did manage to get them to eat a little and as you can see, Hannah was a mess! What a night!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend with the "Little Boys"

This weekend, Sue and David VanBebber went to Hot Springs for a weekend at the races with my parents and some of their other friends. Sue asked us to keep Thomas and Luke. My whole life, we have called Thomas and Luke the "Little Boys". This isn't quite the case anymore as Thomas is 19 and Luke is 13. However, we will always affectionately call them..."The Little Boys".

So, we stayed with them this weekend and had so much fun. Travis enjoyed having company doing all the "boy" things he doesn't get to do. Travis took them fishing, played basketball, rode the Kabota, and lots of other fun outside things. We all played Guitar Hero and Luke rocked us out! I only took a few pictures, but I am sure that Thomas and Luke whipped Travis in basketball! Thomas was so helpful playing with the girls so I could cook dinner and get everything cleaned up. Luke did a great job entertaining Travis!
We had so much fun with the "Little Boys". Thank you so much, Sue, for letting us keep them. They are wonderful!