Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Mania!

HOLY MOLY! We did A LOT of driving, A LOT of visiting family and WAY TOO MUCH eating!

This Thanksgiving was so wonderful. Monday, Travis left to go on his annual Thanksgiving deer hunt. The girls and I missed him, but we were busy getting ready for the week.

Tuesday night after the girls went to bed, I packed, cleaned the house and got the laundry done. Wednesday morning, we got up, fed Catherine and headed to Hot Springs to see Honey and Daddy Brooks.

We got there and helped Honey get some of the cooking done ahead of time for our Thanksgiving feast. Emma, Hannah and Honey made crock pot candy. It was a big hit at Thanksgiving. Other than that, we just hung out together.

Thursday, the girls and I drove to DeQueen to meet up with Travis and have Thanksgiving lunch with his Mimi. This was Mimi's first time to see Catherine and they LOVED each other!

It was so nice to see everyone. Lunch was delicious. The girls got to play with some of their 2nd cousins (I think...they are Travis's cousin's whatever that is). They had a great time seeing the cows and horses on the farm.

(These shirts are courtesy of the Dirty Laundry girls! Aren't they adorable!?)

About 2 it was nap time, that was the indicator we needed to get back in the car and go back to Hot Springs for Thanksgiving dinner. So, the girls and I headed back in my car with Travis following close behind in his truck.

He had some walkie talkies from deer camp and we all talked back and forth most of the way. The girls thought it was so great!

We got back to Hot Springs just before the rush. About an hour or so after we arrived, Uncle Jon and Aunt Nicole came over. The girls just LOVE them...and love their dog, Bo!

Later on, Great-GrandDa and Daddy Ben, Great Aunt Bev and Great-Uncle Michael came over. We had a wonderful dinner.

(my mom is an amazing cook and always has everything that everyone requests!)

After filling our tummies, we hung out talked and laughed until late into the night.

GrandDa knitted the girls their super cute Santa scarves! They love them! Thanks, GrandDa!

Friday at 4 am, my Dad and I got up to head to get ONE thing for Black Friday (you will have to check back at Christmas for the big reveal). We left the house about 4:15. Travis got up to go hunting some more and left about 4:30. Dad and I got home at 5:30 and went back to bed.

After we woke up again, we hung out, watched football and snacked on leftovers.

I LOVE going to stay at my parents, because my mom is the best. She knows how hard I work at being a good mom and wife. So, she ALWAYS gets up with the kids, whether thats the  middle of the night or early in the morning, and lets me sleep in as long as I can (which usually isn't any later than about 8! ha!). She also never sends me home with any dirty laundry! Nothing is better than that! Thanks, Mom!

Saturday, we got up, played and packed. We headed home about mid-day. It was a great Thanksgiving, but I needed time to get settled and get everyone back in the swing of things before the week. So, Sunday, we went to the grocery store and just played all day. Reece and Meredith came over too!

I hope everyone else had as good of a Thanksgiving as we did! There is always SO much for us to be thankful for and this time of year is a nice reminder!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy 4 Months, Little Catherine Grace!

Wow! It's amazing how quickly time has passed and that the youngest of the Williamson girls is already 4 months old! Guess it is true, time flies when your having fun!

Travis took Catherine to her doctor's appointment. She is 24 1/4 inches long and 13 1/2 pounds. Both are the 50 percentile. I can't remember what  her head circumference was, but it was in the 75 percentile.

(Yes, all our kids have big heads...but I am sure it's to hold their large brains!).

Developmentally, she is right on track.

Here is what she's up to these days:
  • Eats 8 oz of formula every 4 hours.
  • Eats 2 oz of rice ceral at breakfast and dinner.
  • Sleeps  from 7 to 7 every night.
  • Rolls from her tummy to her back (she's only done it twice)
  • Loves to play patty cake and sing with us.
  • Likes to sit in her Bumbo and watch her wild sisters.

Over Thanksgiving, she had her first ear infection and was fussy for a couple of days.

But, that has passed and she is back to her usual smiley self! We are so blessed to have such a happy, go-lucky baby girl.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Field Trip!

Tuesday, Emma's class FINALLY got to go on their field trip to the pumpkin patch. I was fortunate enough to be able to take off work and go with her. Her and her bestie, Maddux, were so excited!

First up was the corn maze. Emma's class was the last team into the maze and the first one out. It was funny listening to all those kindergarTeners say, "Are we gonna be stuck in here FOREVER? We are going to have to sleep in here. There is no way out." I was cracking up.

Next, they went to the pumpkin roll. It was hilarious. They raced another class. I am not exactly sure who won as it because a cluster towards the end. The kids all made funny faces rolling the pumpkin down and back. A couple even fell down (Emma)!

After that, they went through the hay tunnel and on a hay ride. Finally it was time to pick out a pumpkin! (My camera battery died, so no pics from that). Mrs. B is so creative! Since Halloween had past, she had the kids make their pumpkins into turkeys. It was the cutest thing! Emma brought hers home and it has become part of our Thanksgiving center piece.

Below is a picture of Emma's student teacher, Miss Buckmaster, (Emma LOVES her!). There is also one of her class.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Yesterday, like many of you, we dressed the girls up and took them trick or treating. We had a blast!

Hannah was Alice in Wonderland. Emma was the Queen of Hearts and Catherine was the White Rabbit. They were so cute.

I am proud to say that both Emma and Hannah used their best manners. There were a couple of "scary" houses on our block and the girls refused to go to those. But, we made the rounds and went to all the "nice houses" (Hannah's words.).

After we came home, the girls ate dinner...yes...they ate candy for dinner. That's what Halloween is about right? We passed out candy to neighbor kids and they ran around the living room like kids whose parents let them eat candy for dinner. It was fun!

(Stay tuned...we had family pictures today!)