Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up: Several Weekends of Fun

I am sure everyone who reads is on pins and needles wondering what we have been up to lately (cue sarcasm). Well, we've been doing a lot and not a lot all at the same time.

A few weekends ago, Travis and Emma took one last trip to deer camp hoping to get "the big one". While they were gone, I spend some time with the youngest two. We had movie night on Friday night, played around the house on Saturday and went to the Razorback basketball game on Saturday night with my friend, Samantha. Catherine was on the big screen THREE time! It was a lot of fun!

Sunday, Travis and Emma made the long drive home empty handed. They both had fun, but I think that they secretly wished they would have stayed here.

For Christmas, all I asked Travis for was a "staycation". I wanted a weekend at home with just he and I. (Yes...I dare I want time away from the girls...). He talked to my parents and they worked out a weekend for them to keep the girls. Friday night, Travis and the girls met my dad in Ft. Smith. While Travis was fighting that traffic, I enjoyed a little happy hour with my friends from work. The rest of the weekend we slept in (if 8am in sleeping in), hung out together and ran errands. Saturday night we went to a nice dinner and enjoyed our 1-on-1 time uninterrupted.

Now, before you start feeling all sorry for my girls being "shipped off" to the grandparents, I'll tell you what they did. They went out to dinner and ice cream, visited GrandDa and Daddy Ben, went to a trampoline park, got pedicures and played until they fell asleep in their dinner. :)

Needless to say, they were NOT ready to come home. But, we sure missed our crazy girls!

This weekend, we have been soaking up the sun before another batch of cold weather comes through. HAPPY SUNDAY!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas and NYE 2013

After we got home from the Bahamas, it was almost the HAP-HAPPIEST time of the year!


We spent so much time together going to Christmas parties, enjoying church services full of Christmas music and just spending time in our home under the Christmas tree lights. Every year, Christmas just gets better and better.

Christmas Eve, we went to church for the candle light service. Then, we came home, read the story of Christmas from the Bible, opened a few presents and scooted off to bed!

Travis picked out the girls "Christmas" PJs (and I use that term VERY loosely because there was nothing Christmas about them) and he got them all footie pajamas. They LOVED them!

It was up early Christmas morning to see what Santa had left the girls. They ran in our room a little before 6am and said "HE CAME! SANTA CAME!". And boy did he! They must have been good because the girls got tons of fun stuff. But, the favorite things by far are our new family computer and the pink/purple Nerf guns.

Christmas day, we played with toys and napped a little. Then, Travis's mom came over for dinner. I would say we had a WONDERFUL Christmas!

The next big fun in our house was New Year's Eve. Just like every year, we dressed up (at least the girls of the group did!) went to dinner and back to Kim's house with some of our favorite families. We danced and laughed, rang in the the 2014, kissed and were home in bed by 12:30! To top it all off, I got to snuggle sweet Olive Mae!

We have SO enjoyed our holidays and are sad to get back to real life on Monday. Cheers to a wonderful 2014!

PS: a new computer can only mean one thing....MORE BLOGGING! :)