Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kindergarten Celebration

Emma finished up her Kindergarten career in early June. If you ask her she says "FINALLY", but if you ask me, I say "too quickly".

It's amazing how much she has learned, matured and grown over the past year. She is reading some chapter books, magazines and anything she can get her hands on. Emma LOVES to teach Hannah the things she has learned. She, also, is pretty good at Math, but I am not sure she likes it too much.

During her Kindergarten Celebration, all the kids were asked what they like best about the school year. Kids named field trips, projects they did in class, etc. Not Emma...she stood up there and loudly announced her favorite thing about Kindergarten was, "snack time and recess".

They sang songs, but Ems was NOT a fan of standing in front of everyone singing...she pretty much stood there and mumbled the words. No hand motions and certainly no beaming smile. But, we wouldn't have expected anything differently from her.

I only have a few BLURRY pictures. These are before I got my new camera AND to top it off, my old one died in the middle of it all. Travis, Hannah and I were so proud of her. (Hannah may have been the proudest of all!)

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