Monday, November 22, 2010

Tea Topper

I cannot remember if I blogged about the funny names that Hannah asks us to call her. This girl is a character. Almost every day it's something different. A few that I can remember are:
  • Panny Cake
  • Taco
  • Bubbles
  • Han
  • Hanny
  • Handy Hannah
  • Waffle
  • Tea Topper
  • Banana Boat

Keeping in the spirit of Hannah, I thought I would share a few things that she has said/done over the past few weeks:

I was reading something and Hannah was asking me a question. I was tuning her out and she said "HELLO!? Mommy! Are you death?" (deaf)

Hannah calls Tootsie Rolls "Titsie Rolls" and Jaw Breakers "Tarter Balls".

Travis was gone hunting and the girls and I were headed shopping. As we were backing out of the the garage, Hannah said "OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE when Daddy is hunting. Having all girls in the car is way funner than having a stinky boy in here too!"

(These next two stories are not incredibly nice, but really please excuse)

Hannah got in trouble for calling her teacher a "fat girl" at school. I told her that the next day, she needed to apologize to her teacher for talking ugly to her. The next morning on the way to school, I asked her, "What are you going to tell your teacher today?" She said (in her sweetest, most sincere voice), "I am going to say 'Teacher, I am so sorry you are fat'". (Don't worry, I told her that a simple "I'm sorry" would suffice).

The girls were playing and Hannah was running around with a metal cooking pot on her head. She said "HEY EMMA! Look at me! I'm a pot-head" During this same conversation, they were arguing and Hannah said "That's it Emma! No more pot for you!"

Conversation between Hannah and Emma:
Hannah: Go get my baby's bib and bottle from my room.
Emma (as she is getting up to do what Hannah said): Why are you always so bossy?
Hannah: If you do what I say, I won't have to boss you too much!

A different conversation:
Hannah: I know how to say "red" in sign language.
Emma: Oh (not looking up from what she was doing)
Hannah: Emma! Look at me!
Emma: (Looks up)
Hannah: (mouths the word "red")

OH MY! The teenage years with this little sass-arella are going to be crazy, but she sure keeps us all laughing!

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Connie said...

Those are too funny! Gotta Love Hannah Nana!