Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up: Birthday Weekend in Hot Springs

Friday, we loaded up and headed to Hot Springs. I had been out of town all week, but couldn't wait to get to my parents to celebrate my birthday with my family!

We met Mom, Jon and Nicole at KJs for the usual Friday night dinner. My dad was on his way home to Canada, so he missed out. We had fun sitting and chatting until they closed the place down. Then, we headed to my parents house to wait up on my dad.

Saturday, we got up and headed to Oaklawn. We took the girls for the first time to further feed their obsession with horses. They each had $5 to spend on a horse of their choosing. They each had a very scientific way of choosing their horse. Emma picked by the color of the jockey's coat, (she uses the "Boni" method). Hannah picked the one with the pink blanket, (which if you know about racing, means she picked #8 every single time). And Catherine...she just pointed and shouted out a number. The first race, Hannah won. Catherine cried because she wanted her horse to win. Eventually, they all three won a race. Then, they decided to keep their earnings, SMART GIRLS! :)


We had a great time at the races. Afterwards, my grandparents came over and we ate a yummy crappie dinner and cake. It was a wonderful birthday!

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