Saturday, May 17, 2014

4 Months of Updates; One Post

This is just embarrassing! I haven't blogged since January 26th! I know it's bad when people are asking my parents why I don't blog any more. How has this happened you ask?

Well, I will update you on what we've had going on and you will is just insanely busy, but immensely happy for us all right now!

In February, we were so busy! I was out of town once for work. The girls had Saturday school to make up some snow days a couple of weeks. And of course, we had Valentine's day!

In March, we celebrated my birthday. We went to Hot Springs and had a blast at the races.

Hannah had to come to work with me one day because she had to get her first (and hopefully last) cavity filled.

Travis and I had breakfast together on our 10 year anniversary after we took the girls to school. Notice the beard? He grew that for a while and told everyone I was in love with the Duck Dynasty Men (not true!).

The girls and I went to the movies a couple of times. OH! And, Catherine wore her cowboy boots EVERY.SINGLE.DAY during March (and part of April).

At the end of the month, I was out of town again for 4 days...and I packed TWELVE pairs of shoes!

April started off with a celebration of Hannah's 7th birthday. I picked her up early on her birthday and took her to get her ears pierced! It's the tradition on 7th birthdays in our family! I am so proud of her too...she didn't even cry!

We had our usual family party at home. Then, that weekend, we had a girls night with two of her favorite friends. I took them to dinner, a movie and home for a sleepover! I think all the girls had a blast.

While I took Hannah and her friends out, Emma went bowling with her friend, Hannah. Travis and Catherine went fishing and she caught one!

In the end of April, Catherine started soccer. Emma and Hannah also started softball. So, on top of our two nights a week at dance, we added two nights at soccer/softball practice. Catherine loved soccer and scored three goals this season! Because of the conflicting schedules (plus all the rain), I haven't been to a single softball game. But, I hear Emma LOVES it!

Most importantly, we celebrated Easter in April. This is one of the first years we have stayed home for Easter. We enjoyed our time decorating eggs and going to our own church Easter morning. We did miss everyone in Hot Springs, though!

Two weeks into May and I can see the light at the end of this busy tunnel. Last week, I thought I was drowning. Hannah broke her arm at school (I will do a whole separate post on that), I had about 7 meetings at Walmart Corporate Office in 3 days, Emma had softball, Travis was busy with work and all the girls had dance. It was CRAZY TOWN! But we survived.

Last weekend, we went to the demolition derby. I know...who would have thought I would be at such a "redneck" event. But, as much as I hate to admit it, it was really fun. We went with a big group of friends and all the kids. Everyone loved it!

This past week, we celebrated Emma's birthday! She is TEN! She wore a new outfit to school and that night we celebrated her with the five of us. Instead of a party, Emma wants to bring her friend, Hannah, to Honey's for Memorial Day. (I am SO glad that's what she requested).

So, that's the quick version of what we have had going on. When I type it all out, it doesn't seem like that much...but it has almost run Travis and I ragged! But, I wouldn't change anything about these precious memories.

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