Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

We had this Christmas all planned out like we do every year. Church on Christmas Eve then back to our house for dinner with Travis's mom. Christmas morning just the 5 of us and off to Hot Springs late that afternoon.

So, two days before Christmas, imagine our dismay when Hannah came down with a fever. It was so bad that I finally took her to the MedExpress and couldn't help but think "Oh no! The flu!". After a long wait (and a little vomit in the waiting room floor), we found out good news. It wasn't the flu, but it was strep throat. I hated seeing Hannah sick, but was so thankful it wasn't the flu. I was able to get her on meds and feeling better before Christmas Eve, so all was right with the world!

Then, Christmas Eve came. Travis woke up with a fever and just feeling all around yucky! WHAT!? I tried to send him to the doctor, but he said (and I quote) "There are SICK people there!"

** Um...what Travis? You are SICK PEOPLE! Go to the doctor because I can't deal with your whining self any longer. (kidding...sort of...ok not really!)

He toughed it out and was feeling a little better by Christmas day and much better the day after. But, as bad as he felt, we didn't make it to church Christmas Eve and I was SO sad. Travis's mom did come over for dinner and presents, so at least we didn't miss out on all of our Christmas Eve traditions.

After Travis's mom left, we were all MUCH too excited to sleep. So, we decided to burn a little energy by jumping off of the arm of the couch...

Don't worry, we calmed down and Travis read us the Christmas Story from the Bible. Then, we scurried off to bed!

Stay tuned for Christmas Day and Beyond!

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