Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween

Emma in her cute Halloween outfit
So cute (Hannah has discovered her tounge and loves to show it off!)
Hannah in her Halloween outfit
Emma and her super cute pumpkin decorations! (Thanks, Aunt Sue!)
My two little bees!Emma so pretty!
Hannah LOVED her costume

Hannah and Daddy after a long night of Trick or Treating!

At daycare, Emma had a Halloween Party. They played lots of "scary" games and got treat bags. Both girls wore their super cute Halloween outfits!

For Halloween, both of the girls dressed up like bumble bees. We had a great time taking them trick or treating. Hannah got a little sleepy at the end of it all, but was a very good girl. Emma loved it and asked if she could go trick or treating again tonight! :)


Our Little Family said...

I love the costumes!! They look adorable!

Molly said...

Boni, they are beautiful! Love the bee costumes. Emma looks just like you.