Wednesday, November 28, 2007

She speaks!

Last Tuesday, Hannah and I had the house to ourselves. Emma was in Hot Springs with Honey and Travis was hunting. After I picked her up from daycare, I had to run back up to work to pick up my laptop. We came in and visited. Cassidie was holding her while I ran into my office to grab my computer and I said "Bye Bye, Hannah". She responded "Bye bye!" with a half wave. I was SHOCKED! She did it a couple of other times that night and even did it for Daddy Brooks when we were leaving Hot Springs after Thanksgiving! I was so excited! This week, she has started calling me Mama! I was thrilled since I got to be called before Dada!!! We are so proud of how big she is getting. She can talk, but still no crawling! But, being my child, I would expect nothing less!

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