Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Halloween

Halloween was lots of fun around our house this year. Emma was a witch and Hannah was a black cat. They were SUPER cute.

Friday, both girls had to wear their costumes to school. Emma had a party and parade for the little kids. Hannah just had a party. I went and helped in both of their classrooms. It was tons of fun.

Friday night, the girls got dressed up again to go trick or treating. They got lots of candy and dove in as soon as we got home. Emma would ring the doorbell at every house, then, Hannah (my impatient child) would try to open their door. However, both of my girls plesantly surprised me with their good manners. They said "Thank you" (or in Hannah's case some form of it) at each house. I was beaming!

**Hannah has rebelled against the you can see below!

**Yes, that's chocolate running down her chin...

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