Tuesday, November 18, 2008

She's a POTTY girl!

My sweet Hannah is getting so big. She is wild and crazy and MUST do everything just like Emma. She even claims her name IS Emma, most of the time!

We have been "working" (not hard at all) on potty training lately. Hannah was interested, so we let her do it. She started to lose interest, but I never forced the issue. She usually only wants to go if Emma goes with her. Yes, girls going to the bathroom together is a genetic trait and my girls prove it!

Last night, I was giving the girls a bath. Hannah let a little toot slip out and looked at me with wide eyes. She said "MOMMY! I go poppy" (potty). I grabbed her out as quickly as I could to make sure she didn't poop in the tub.

Yes, it's happened before and yes BOTH girls were in the tub...

I sat her on the potty. Another potty ritual is we have to sing on the potty...not sure why, but we do. So, we started singing, "I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee. Won't my mommy..." AND THERE IT WAS...a little tinkle in the potty! She went poopy in the potty later that night.

I am still not going to force the issue, but seeing the gradual end to the diapers is really exciting me.

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The Campell's said...

Way to go Hannah!!! It won't be long now and then you can put that diaper money on other things...