Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, Mommy....

Can you believe it? I have been in this world for 10 whole months (plus three days...but, who's counting?) and my Mommy FORGOT to post my monthly update!

(She says she did not forget, but did not know what the date was. I think she's just busy.)

So, I am pretty big these days. I really REALLY love to stand up. I want to stand up on the floor, on the couch on my sisters...EVERYWHERE! Once I get to the couch, I will walk all around it. Mommy says I have no fear and she is NOT ready for me to start walking. But, I sure am!

My Daddy says I am "wild". I am not so sure about that, but I sure do love to climb into the shelves and see what I can pull out before anyone can stop me. My hair is wild just like me! My Daddy says he loves it that way!

I really love to crawl as FAST as I can down the hall and try to make it to my sister's room. If I make it, oh the things I can find to tear apart! It's so funny!

I love to dance and sing. My new favorite food is spaghetti. It's so yummy I eat it and get so messy. I cry when Mommy washes it all off of my face.

I am pretty sure my sisters love me a lot. They are always picking me up (and moving me out of the trouble) and hugging me. They are funny to chase down the hall, even though Emma and Hannah yell at me when I get into their room.

My Mommy is still my favorite person in the whole world. I really love my Daddy too. He's such a pushover though. When he rocks me, all I have to do is fuss a little and he gives me to Mommy. She's one tough cookie and a few minutes in the rocking chair...She wins.

I really love this warm weather. Playing outside (and eating grass) is so fun!

That's just a quick recap of what I am doing now. I am sure Mommy won't "forget what the date is" again next month. (If she does, I'll be BAAACK!). XOXO!

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