Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Firecracker Firecracker Boom! Boom! BOOM!

We got home from Florida on Friday night. Saturday, Travis had to go to work (nothing like taking a week off and coming home to the zoo that is his business). The girls and I hung around the house in our PJs all morning. I had to unpack the gazillion bags from vacation. That took about an hour. I started a load of laundry and decided it was time to get out of the house!

Side note: I am VERY lucky that my mom is the best. She kept up with all of our laundry (and her's, dad's, Jon's and Nicole's) the whole time. The only dirty clothes we had were PJs from Thursday night and our clothes from Friday. It was wonderful!

We ran our usual weekend errands, (which included Walmart...with three kids...on Saturday afternoon!). After all that activity, we were pretty whipped (our bodies were still in vacation mode). So, we all took afternoon naps. I "big puffy heart" love afternoon naps!

Saturday night, I cooked spaghetti. (Nothing like laundry, a Walmart trip and cooking dinner to slap you back into reality!) The girls watched a movie together in their room, while Travis and I watched Due Date. We ate popcorn, stayed up too late and loved life!

Sunday, we went to church. After church, we went to lunch with the Brown's. It was pretty hectic (thank-you, Catherine.), but always fun to hang with them! Then, we did a little shopping before yet another afternoon nap. (Did I mention I LOVE naps?)

Sunday evening, we met The Browns, The Hermans, The Dusts, Tara, Aaron, Nicole, Kristen and Abby at Las Fajitas for some yummy Mexican food. (Nothing says "Happy Independence Day" like Mexican food.)

After dinner, we went to watch fireworks at the crosses. We set up camp in a sweet "cabin" in the home depot parking lot. It was very all-American-family-ish. They boys even sat on the porch. We spread out blankets for the kids and snacks. While we waited for hours for it to get dark, the kids ran wild playing tag and just being crazy.


When the fireworks started, the kids were all on the blankets, even the babies. But, at the first loud POW, Catherine turned and shot like a tear covered rocket into my lap. She went back and forth between the safety of my lap and Travis's. A few minutes later, Bree came flying over to Rachel. Rachel met her halfway and as she was running back to her seat, she stepped in a pan of red, white and blue rice krispie treats. OOPS!

Sunday night, Emma stayed the night with Claire. So, we met the Browns for breakfast. Afterwards, we went home and played with the girls until it was...(altogether now) TIME FOR AN AFTERNOON NAP! :)

Sunday night, we did the "our little family" thing. We had burgers and chips for dinner, a mini photo shoot in the front yard and played tag. Catherine did not make it until dark. She was down for the count about 8:15. Hannah lasted until about 9, but sat in the back of my car the whole time scared that Travis or Emma were going to "burn her hair off with their loud pops". Emma, professional firework launcher, had a blast lighting them and running her little heart out with her Daddy.

(Don't freak, people. The "fireworks" that we got were kid friendly. And, Travis taught her all the safety rules of lighting fireworks, what to do with duds, etc.)

(If you read this LOOONG boring to everyone but me post, congrats) We had a wonderful, relaxing, fun filled weekend. We are all very blessed to live in a country where we are free to do these things (and dress our kids in too much red, white and blue with bows that are too big) and I, for one, am very grateful for that.

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