Friday, November 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

So, I wish I could say I have been so busy and have TONS of awesome pictures to blog this week (and last week). However, the first part is true...we have been crazy busy. The second part...not so much. So, you are going to get a random post of my random thoughts with a few pics here and there. :)

  • A couple of weekends ago, Travis and I went on a date. A real, live date without kids. It was amazing! We went to dinner and considered a movie. But, opted for a stroll around the promenade and home early.

  • I am so tired of deer season. I mean REALLY sick of it. I miss my husband being home. I miss camo-free laundry.

  • Every morning, Catherine wakes up and her hair looks like this. I have NO idea what happens, but it's ridiculous!

  • Speaking of Catherine, she is FINALLY in panties (except for nap and bedtime). It's been a rough process, but I think she is over the hump. So....good-bye diapers, hello public restrooms.

  • I bought these super cute new shoes a RiffRaff a long time ago. My mom picked them up for me since getting to Fayetteville seems to be impossible these days.

  • Emma is a wonderful speller, but math...not her thing. I can't understand that.

  • There is a cut-thru road on the way to my parents called "Sunshine". Hannah always calls it "Completely Sunny".

  • My laundry is out of control...

  • The more and more that I hear about the Penn State scandal, the more disgusted I get with the entire situation, from lack of action to support of a coach that turned a blind eye. It's all just sickening.

  • I cannot wait until Thanksgiving! It's the kick off of family time with all the ones I love so much! Pair that with tons of yummy food....I.CAN.NOT.WAIT!

  • Our house is still for sale...STILL. I try not to get discouraged. I thought that it would happen and we would move around Christmas (just to complicate things). It's not looking promising.

  • I'll leave you with a picture of my sweet girls...

Happy Friday!

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celeste said...

Love the random thoughts.....suggestion....two loads a matter what....and it won't pile up on you....promise!