Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksmas 2011

What a wonderful, family-filled Thanksgiving we had this year!?

Wednesday, the girls and I headed to Hot Springs to visit my parents. Travis was already down south deer hunting and we were meeting him later the week.

The girls (and my parents) favorite place to eat is KJs. They go there AT LEAST once a week. So, of course, we ate there Wednesday night. Catherine helped set up tables and even got to go into the kitchen to check things out.

Thursday morning, we got up and headed to DeQueen to have Thanksgiving lunch with Travis's Mimi. It's always so fun to go visit, fill our tummies and visit all the animals on the farm. Catherine was especially in love with Eric (Travis's cousin). Emma wanted to ride the horse home and Hannah wanted no part in being inside the pasture gates.

Thursday night, we went back to Hot Springs for Thanksgiving dinner with my parents. It was so good! We also celebrated my mom's birthday. We tried to surprise her, but I am not sure we succeeded. We also played a super fun dice game called "Left Right Center". Hannah was the big winner!

Friday, we went out to Mt. Harbor for Burton Family Thanksmas (Thanksgiving/Christmas). We watched the hogs game, ate and played LRC. Saturday was much of this same, but we threw in dirty Santa. As usual, it was a good time with everyone!

Sunday, we headed home. But, not before we picked up Jack from T's mom's. We are dog sitting him for a few days. Three little girls were SO glad to see him! :)

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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