Monday, July 16, 2012

While You Were Sleeping

I wasn't quite sleeping the whole time, but I was out of it. :) While I was in the hospital, I missed a BUNCH of things that the girls participated in. While I was SO disappointed to miss these things, I am so very grateful to have the wonderful family and friends that so willing to support the girls. I am also SO proud to have a husband that continues to manage all of this with a charisma that is unmatched. (Be jealous girls...he's a hottie AND a phenomenal husband and father!)

Anyway...enough about that. I have TONS of pictures to share with you from the girls stuff.

Emma played softball. I am sad to say that I never made it to a game. Travis helped coach and she did great.

Hannah graduated from Pre-K. When she had her turn to tell everyone what she was going to be, she said a singer. Look out comes Hannah!

Both girls had their dance recitals. I heard they both did amazing and we are looking forward to adding Catherine to the dance schedule next year.

The most important thing I missed was Emma's birthday. Every time I think about how I missed it, I cringe. But, there will be many more birthday celebrations and luckily I'll be here for them! Despite me missing her big 8th birthday, I cannot believe what great friends we have. On her actual birthday she was dying to go to Olive Garden. So, Travis, the other girls and the Browns went there and celebrated with her. She had a great time.

The day after her birthday, Tara came to my house with dresses, jewels and purses for both girls and Claire. Then, she took them to eat and party at Noodles. From what I hear they had a blast laughing and flirting with the waiter.

I am so grateful to have such an amazing family and wonderful friends. My girls never missed a beat and have come thru this ordeal with smiles on their faces thanks to all of them. Happy Monday!

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Kimmie said...

So so glad to know you are doing better. Wow, you have an amazing support system! So awesome....and YAY for Travis for being such a great husband and father!!