Wednesday, December 12, 2012


I used to be really good about recording the funny things the girls did or said, but I've kind of fallen off the wagon. I am here to get back on it. These little moments are so precious and hilarious! I want to remember them forever. So, here are a few from this week.

Catherine and I were looking at our Nativity Scene talking about all of the people and animals. After going through all of them with her, I was "quizzing" her to see if she was getting any of it.

Me (pointing at the wisemen): Catherine, who are they?
Catherine: They are the three wifens.
Me: The wifens?
Catherine: Yeah. The wifens and that one is bringing Jesus his happy birfday cake.
After work one day, I was in my bedroom changing clothes. Hannah was playing in her room and Emma came creeping back to my room. She asked me to come in the kitchen. I finished what I was doing and as I walked towards the kitchen, I could hear Catherine saying "MOOOOOOMMMYYY!".

Me: Emma, where is Catherine? What is she yelling about?
Emma: giggle giggle. Just follow me.
Me (walking through the kitchen into the laundry room and realizing...): EMMA CLAIRE!
Emma: I asked her to see if she could fit in the dog kennel and when she climbed in, I locked it.
Catherine: Pwease let me out!!!
The other day on the way to school, Emma and Hannah were playing with some money and talking about the presidents on them.

Emma (holding up a $10 bill): Hannah, I bet you don't know who this is.
Hannah: That one is too hard. Give me an easy one.
Emma: (holding up a $5 bill): Ok. This one is easy. Look at this guy and tell me who this is?
Hannah (proud grin on her face): PRESIDENT LINCOLN LOGGER
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- round out the post of craziness, here is a little video.

I cannot make this stuff up people. They are CRA-to tha- Z and I love them!

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Jen said...

I can only imagine how entertaining those 3 can be!! I'm excited (and nervous) to see what it'll be like when BOTH of mine are talking and saying crazy stuff! I tend to post a lot of the funny stuff Caroline says on FB, but I may have to peruse back through and put some on the blog so I can find it more easily in the future...good idea! :)