Sunday, July 20, 2014

Boni Gets Her Blogging Back

I've decided finally...I've made the decision that this little space and digital scrapbook of mine deserves to be a priority. It's been such a great way to detail what is going on in our lives and a nice outlet for me.

But, over the last few months, it's been so hard to find or even want to make time for it. After looking through the blog with my girls on the couch last night, I realized how much I miss it and how much they love to read stories about themselves.

This blog will always be real. It will be the stories about how I keep things organized, but no one else in my house feels that's important; stories about how I sometimes have to force my kids to play outside because they want to "play on their electronics" (and by force, I mean lock them out in the back yard); stories about how Travis and I annoy each other, have completely different opinions on almost everything, and some how balance each other out perfectly.

So, this is my welcome back to myself. I am going to do a little catch up over the next week and then it will be back to at least a weekly post. So, hold on to your's gonna get wild around here! :)

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