Monday, July 21, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

If you've been reading here at all over the past three years, you will know that one of my most favorite times of the year with the girls is dance recital. I dreamed of having a little girl in dance long before I even became a Mommy (and little did I know that God laughed and said "A little girl in my sweet child, you will have THREE little girls in dance").

This year, Emma had tap and jazz on Friday night. It was so nice that she is old enough for me to get her dressed and actually watch from the audience. It actually dawned on me that this could possibly be the first dance recital I have ever watched from the audience; I was either in them or watching the girls from the wings.

I cannot begin to express how much Emma has improved over the past year at dance. She is also in classes this year where the parents don't watch anymore (not to mention her dance class started and 4pm...and I work, so I was rarely there for her classes). Seeing her on the stage dancing her heart out and loving it, it made me SO proud. She worked so hard this year and it paid off; she was selected as one of the finale dancers for Friday night. I, of course, teared up a little watching my girl on stage.

Saturday afternoon, all three girls had ballet. (THANK GOODNESS FOR HONEY! She came to help me get them ready on time) They all three did so good! Each of the girls is definitely a leader in her class, because other students looked to them if they forgot a step. Also, all three of the girls were in the finale for ballet. Que the super proud, teary eyed Mom again!

Saturday night, Catherine had her tap dance first. Catherine is a spotlight stealer. She gets on the stage, and her big personality just shines through. She loves the stage and when it was done, she asked if she could do it again!

Hannah had her tap and jazz afterwards. I have to brag on her. She had a broken arm and missed a few practices...not to mention a cast up to her arm pit. I will say that you couldn't even tell. We cut a tan pair of tights to fit over it and no one could see the neon green cast from the audience. She danced her little heart out and those precious dimples just shined brighter than the diamonds on her costume!

It was such a fun weekend. And, even though Travis isn't a fan of dance recital weekend, even he admits that he LOVES seeing the girls on stage doing something they love. To quote him "it's watching all those other dances that my girls are not in that bore me to death":) Oh Travis!

And of course, we had Honey and Daddy Brooks here with us all weekend cheering and supporting our girls! (Even if it wore one of them out completely!)

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