Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Catherine turns FIVE!

For a long time now, probably at least since she had any concept of being a certain age, Catherine has wanted to turn 5. To her, that was THE number...THE age of being a big girl (and the age of no more sucking her thumb).

On July 24th, my youngest and last baby turned 5. I guess to me, this also indicated the end of having a "baby" (I know...4 isn't a baby, but 5 is kindergarten *tear*). So, we celebrated her birthday in style.

Catherine requested Mexican food at our favorite hole in the wall Mexican restaurant, cake and presents. We did just that.

We went at ate at the restaurant. We are there so often that the manager knows us (literally once a week we eat there). So, when we told him it was Catherine's birthday, she got serenaded by the live band and the entire restaurant and LOVED it! Even on our way out, the singer quit singing and started singing "There goes the birthday girl, Catherine" to the tune of the song they were playing. :)

Then, we got home and had cake and gifts. This little girls asked for only one thing: A hide-away pet (google it...she saw it on an infomercial!). So, that is what she got! One thing about Catherine is she isn't lacking for enthusiasm. She was so happy with her gifts and loved her big day!

You are the wild and crazy that completes our wild and crazy family! Life with you is always an adventure and (most of the time) that adventure is full of giggles and crazy songs. We are so proud of you and cannot believe that you are a big FIVE year old. You are growing into such a big girl, but just know you will ALWAYS be my baby. We love you so much and can't wait to see what God has in store for you...He is going to use that big personality in a big way!
Mommy, Daddy & "the sisters"

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