Thursday, August 21, 2014

Wrapping up the Summer

As we finished up the last few weekends of summer, we soaked up every last minute. We played outside, grilled out and just enjoyed the, dare I say it...nice weather!

A few weekends ago, the girls and I met Honey in Dallas for a Back-To-School Shopping weekend. Since all of the girls started school and they are getting easy to travel with, we decided that would be a great way to end the summer. 

So, Friday afternoon, we hopped in the car and drove to the Westin in the Galleria. Of course, all the little Williamson girls love a good hotel stay! Honey was already there and we snuggled in bed and watched TV until we fell asleep.

Saturday morning, we woke up. Catherine did a dance party and pointed out the "river" (there is no river) from the window seat while we all got ready. Then, we shopped until we dropped! We had so much fun and laughed a lot that weekend. We all can't wait to do it again!

Last weekend, we spent the very last weekend of summer just having a good time! Friday, Travis and I took the day off work to spend an extra long weekend with the girls. Friday, we lunched, shopped and laughed together. We grilled out, ate ice cream and enjoyed the weather. We jammed out to the Dixie Chicks, taught Travis about why girls need pedicures and made good on the promise of no social media (or pictures) all day! We just soaked it all in.

Saturday, it was back to pictures! When I got up, I found Emma and Catherine snuggled in bed together. Hannah was still sleeping, so I decided to make muffins for breakfast.

Mid-day, Travis went to tie up a few things at work, so the girls and I went to lunch and for haircuts. I just love these little people and how much fun we can have together. I am not saying there are not times that I absolutely relish a work trip and hotel stay with no one to care for but myself. (just keeping it real!). But, as they get older, they get easier and more fun. Our wrap up of the summer was a time that I realized that and loved every minute.

Sunday was a regular Williamson Family Sunday. Church, Susan's and getting ready for the week!

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