Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pre-Party, Fun with Cookie and Easter Weekend

This past week, Emma went to Hot Springs and spent some QT with Honey and Daddy Brooks. She made cupcakes for Hannah's early birthday, went to the Mid America Museum and Daddy Brooks even took her to get a mani pedi! She had a ball!

Travis, Hannah and I arrived in Hot Springs on Friday evening. We had a blast playing and having Hannah's "Pre-Birthday Party". Also, Molly (Cookie) and her family came by and watched the game with us. It was so good to see them all. Emma had so much fun playing with Sydney. She loves playing with older kids. Hannah and Carson were both a little fussy and not too pumped about each other, but we did try to get a picture or two! Cookie, it was so good to see you and your family! We MUST do it more often!

Saturday, Mom, Dad, Travis and I went to the horse races at Oaklawn. We go every year at least once and had a blast as usual. Mom and I pooled our money and ended up doing ok. Travis...poor Travis...he couldn't win if there was one horse racing! We had so much fun. My grandparents kept the girls and had a blast. Emma always loves going over there. Thank you, GrandDa and Daddy Ben, for keeping them. Saturday night, when we got home, we decorated Easter eggs. This year, Emma wanted to actually color them. I say this, because last year when we asked her what color she wanted her eggs, she got super excited and said "HOW ABOUT WHITE!?". Before bed, we talked about what Easter meant and why we celebrate Easter. I had a hard time helping Emma understand that the Easter Bunny is NOT in the Bible. But, I think she finally got it.

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny had stopped by and left the girls some things in their baskets. I did not get a picture of the baskets before Emma dumped them out. Then, we went to church with Honey, Daddy Brooks, GrandDa and Daddy Ben. I have a few pictures of the girls to share, because I could NOT get them both to look at the camera at the same time. They looked beautiful in their dresses. At church, it was a wonderful sermon and both girls were pretty good in church. After church, we went to the Country Club for lunch. It was great. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking us. Overall, we had a great Easter weekend.


Our Little Family said...

The girls look gorgeous in their matching dresses! I think you made a good decision get them the same dress. Great pictures.

Molly said...

I had so much fun visiting you guys too. The girls look beautiful in their Easter dresses.