Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend with the "Little Boys"

This weekend, Sue and David VanBebber went to Hot Springs for a weekend at the races with my parents and some of their other friends. Sue asked us to keep Thomas and Luke. My whole life, we have called Thomas and Luke the "Little Boys". This isn't quite the case anymore as Thomas is 19 and Luke is 13. However, we will always affectionately call them..."The Little Boys".

So, we stayed with them this weekend and had so much fun. Travis enjoyed having company doing all the "boy" things he doesn't get to do. Travis took them fishing, played basketball, rode the Kabota, and lots of other fun outside things. We all played Guitar Hero and Luke rocked us out! I only took a few pictures, but I am sure that Thomas and Luke whipped Travis in basketball! Thomas was so helpful playing with the girls so I could cook dinner and get everything cleaned up. Luke did a great job entertaining Travis!
We had so much fun with the "Little Boys". Thank you so much, Sue, for letting us keep them. They are wonderful!

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Anonymous said...

Even when we are all 80 they will still be the little boys to me, some things never change. ;)