Sunday, June 29, 2008

An Engagment, A Pregnancy and A PARTY!

Lots went on this weekend in the Williamson household.

Friday afternoon, my little brother got down on one knee and asked Nicole to marry him. Jon was so romantic and did a great job picking out a I hear! :) I have known for a while and had to all but ignore her so she didn't catch on to my excitement! We are all so thrilled that this time next year Nicole will be apart of our family. We love you, Nicole and Jon!

I also found out this weekend that my best friend Meredith will be having a baby! I can hardly wait. Mer has always been such a good God Mother to my girls and I know she will be the best Mommy ever! Congratulations, Mer! Can't wait to start planning the shower! Love you!
**And for all you people who read the title and thought I was preggo...GOTCHA!

Saturday night, Travis and I went to "One Last Hoorah" for Sarah and Shaun Penny. They had a reception here in Springdale for all the family and friends who couldn't make it to the wedding in Florida a few weeks ago. There was a live band, good food and lots of fun. Sarah and Shaun, we are so excited for you guys to start your life together! We are also glad to have you close. We love you both!

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