Monday, June 23, 2008

Works For Me

Everything I have learned about being a Mommy has either been shared from another Mommy or I figured it out on my own. I have found it is much easier when it's shared from another Mommy because you totally skip that "trial and error" stage while figuring it out on your own. So, I thought I would start sharing somethings that I have found to make my life easier and my girls' lives happier...Enjoy!

Hannah has decided that she is much too big for sippy cups. She thinks that she is as big as Emma and should at least get a cup with a straw. I have been rather impressed with her use of a straw. She can drink out of a straw so well. However, if I give her a juice box, she pulls the straw out and turns it upside down after she finishes her first few drinks. This leads to quite the mess. So, I found these cups at Target (I am sure they have them at Walmart too. They are called Take and Toss Straw Sippers. These cups are quite possibly the best invention ever. The straws are semi-hard to get out, so Hannah doesn't pull them out, but she can still drink her milk like a big girl.

Mission Accomplished!

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