Monday, June 23, 2008

Wild Williamson Weekend

This weekend, we had a pretty crazy weekend.
Friday night, Travis's mom and his step-aunt and cousins came by the house. He has a cousin that is Emma's age. We went with them to a show of some rather large snakes. Afterwards, we went to Tim and Shannon's house to play and watch a baseball game.
Saturday, Travis had a quick remodel job to do. He called me about 11am and told me he got a piece of tile in his eye. The girls and I took him some eye wash while he finished what he needed to do. He came home and said that his eye was scratched and we should go to the doctor. In the meantime, Hannah woke up from nap with a fever. She has been fighting an ear infection since we went to the beach. I figured the medicine hadn't quite knocked it off of her. So, Saturday, Emma and I took care of Travis and Hannah.
Sunday, Travis felt better. Hannah still had a low fever, but was acting OK. So, it was a typical Sunday. However, a little lazier and calmer than usual! :)
Today, everyone is better. I took Hannah to the doctor and she has swimmer's she's Michael Phelps or something. We have a follow up on Friday with Dr. Lovell. Travis has an eye doctor appointment tomorrow to make sure everything is OK with him.
Below are a few pictures of the girls from the weekend. Enjoy!

Emma and Hannah watching TV

Hannah DESTROYED Emma's room

Beautiful Emma!

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