Friday, October 3, 2008

Is that a Dooney?

A girl will never tell! Thanks, Cassidie, for the FABULOUS purses.

Last night, the girls played and played with their new purses. They put things in them...took things out of them...swung them over their heads...the usual "girly purse" things. Emma even slept with hers last night!

This morning, Hannah came walking out of her room with her sassy (passy) in mouth, blanket dragging behind her and her PURSE ON HER ARM! Oh the joys of being a mother of girls!


Tosha said...

I'm just getting started on blogging, and our friend, Angela, tagged me. I don't know anyone, so I'm borrowing her friends to tag! So, I picked you! :)
Visit my blog for rules. (btw, your girls are beautiful!) :)

~ Cassidie said...

That first picture is SO precious. I'm glad they liked them!!