Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas 2008

So, I live by the mantra "Better Late than Never". That being said, below is a recap of our Christmas escapades! Enjoy!

The weekend before Christmas we went to Hot Springs for a Burton Family Christmas. We go every year and get together with all my dad's siblings, my grandparents and my cousins to have one fun-filled Christmas party. It's always tons of fun playing Wii, Phase 10 and dirty Santa. We also had tons of family fun at Garvan Gardens to see the MILLIONS of lights!

Christmas Eve and Day is always spent with just the 4 of us. We have our own traditions of making candy and cookies as well as other various activities to help our girls understand the true meaning of Christmas. (and yes, there is present opening included!)

Christmas afternoon, my parents came up and I hosted my first ever Christmas! We had steak, potatoes and salad for dinner (thanks, mom and dad) and enjoyed tons of togetherness. It was great! I only took this one picture of Daddy Brooks and Hannah...nice hair bow Daddy Brooks!

Saturday after Christmas, we went to Travis's mom's to spend time with his mom and company. We had a blast playing Guitar Hero and tons of other Wii games. It was wonderful spending time with everyone.

This past weekend, we headed to DeQueen to spend time with Travis's dad and the rest of the family. We had so much fun playing outside and letting the girls hang out with Travis's Mimi (their great-grandmother). My camera battery was dead, so I have no pictures to document the fun.

So, there you have the abbreviated version of our Christmas. We are very blessed to get to spend so much time with all of our family throughout the holiday season. And trust me...ours was filled with food, family, fun and love!

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