Thursday, January 29, 2009

No Power

I just have time for a quick update before my laptop battery dies.

We have been without power due to the ice storm in NWA since Tuesday. We are lucky though. We have a wood burning stove and have been able to stay warm and cook soup. We also have a gas hot water heater and are able to bathe and wash dishes (that's what I have been most excited about!).

The girls are restless and ready for the electricity to come back on, but we have been playing games and jumping off furniture to get some of the crazies out. I am restless too, but Travis tells me I have to be an adult and NOT jump on the beds, (he's no fun!).

I have tons of pictures and will post them soon. We will probably be with out power until Saturday at least. Our neighborhood was full of beautiful 30 year old oak trees...the operative word being WAS...

We are all warm and safe, but please keep those in your prayers that are not as fortunate as we are. I will be back posting soon!

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