Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not Our Week

Man...this week has been out of control.

Monday was a good day. We got to see that the new baby was growing and thriving well. That was a good day.

Tuesday, started out good, or at least normal.

Hannah had a slight fever Monday night, but nothing to cause alarm. She was fine Tuesday morning, so I sent her to school.

Tuesday afternoon, I was on a conference call and I got a call from the girls' school. I couldn't answer right at that moment, because I was in the middle of a very lucrative discussion (or it seemed at the time).

So, a few moments later, they called me back. I answered thinking that Hannah was probably sick and I had done what any "bad" working mom would do and sent her child to school!

I heard on the other end of the line, "Mrs. Williamson" (Isn't' it funny that they call me that. I always laugh!) "Emma ran into another child and busted her head open." (PANIC FROM ME!) "It bled, but we got the bleeding stopped." That's all the teacher could get out. I cut her off and said "I am on my way" and immediately hung up the phone. I even think she was still talking, but I didn't care.

(Seriously...first the Poster incident, now this...I am definitely out of the running for mother of the year!)

Emma is TERRIFIED of blood. I mean freaks out. So, as I was driving to get her, all I could do was picture my sweet girl crying and shaking (because that's what she does when she is do I. Weird I know!). I got there and she was coloring and trying to be tough.

On my way to get her, I called her pediatrician and the Dr. that does the stitches there was gone for the day. So, we headed to the ER. We got there and the place was a mad house.

(It was not a mad house of emergencies either...a mad house of people who should be at the doctor, NOT THE ER!)

After about an hour wait, we saw the triage nurse. She said it would be a 4-5 hour wait to get stitches.

(We probably got a longer wait because when she asked how she felt on the smiley face chart, my sweet girl pointed to the smiley face. We are going to have to work on that one for sure!)

So, I called our after hours clinic to see if they could get her in. They were full, but said they would work her in. All this started about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon. Emma finally got three stitches at 7:30 that night. Below is a picture of her before and waiting for the stitches. I don't' have one of her stitches yet. She was so brave. She never shed a tear while they were stitching her up or during the local to numb her eye. We go on Monday to get them out.

Wednesday morning, Travis and I woke up thinking finally, maybe a normal day. WRONG!

He goes in every morning and checks on the girls while I take a shower. He immediately came back and said, "Hannah is burning up."

(Greaaaat....stitches...a sick baby...this week rocks!)

Hannah is not your normal sick child who lays around and is calm. No, she is a wild child. Running around, playing...just like any normal day. It is impossible to get her to rest.

We went BACK to the doctor (Emma and her stitches in tow) that afternoon. Dr. Lovell, bless his heart, looked Hannah over and confirmed...HANNAH HAS STREP THROAT!

So, he gave her a prescription and asked Emma if her throat hurt. She said she was fine. We filled Hannah's prescription and headed home.

Emma was fine last night and so was Hannah. I was so glad they were feeling better.

This morning, Travis went about his normal routine of checking on the girls. He came in the bathroom while I was showering, but this time he was carrying Emma and said "Emma is burning up."

Needless to say, we are just going to call Dr. Lovell this morning and have him get Emma a prescription due to the fact she probably has strep throat.

If I have to take her in, these people are going to wonder what in THE WORLD I have done to my children this week!

Here's looking forward to tomorrow!


Molly said...

I'm so sorry about your sick and injured babies. You're right, tomorrow's got to be better right?!!

The Slaughters said...

You've still got Friday and Saturday!!!! Who knows? You may win the lottery. Or just not have a crisis. There's hope!

The Stearns Family said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the girls!!! Tell them both to get better!

Amanda said...

TG(tomorrow's)F! Wow, what a week!