Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Yes She Did!

Hannah went tee-tee AND poopy in the potty last night!

She is so darn cute. She came in to get in the bath and I sat her on the potty. She sat there for a little bit and all of the sudden I heard it! She looked at me with the biggest eyes and a sweetest smile and said "I do it, Mommy! I big gurl!"

Of course, Travis, Emma and I all screamed and danced around her. She was so proud of herself.

She has tee-teed in the potty several times, but never the other. She asked to go again before bed and tee-teed. I think she is actually figuring out what it feels like BEFORE she needs to go.

She has really taken to potty training and is doing well. She wants to wear panties SO bad. My goal is to have her in them by her birthday...FINGERS CROSSED!

**She is going to kill me when she grows up and knows I wrote about her first poopy in the potty for all the internet world to see...

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Amanda said...

Yaay, Hannah! Way to "go!"