Thursday, April 9, 2009

ANOTHER Potty Post

I realize it's been a while (two weeks) since I posted about Hannah's potty progress.

She went from Sunday until this morning with ZERO accidents!

(she is still in a diaper/pull up at bed time, but has been waking up those will go soon enough)

Funny story...if poop grosses you out, stop reading here!

This morning, Hannah got up and went potty. She was running around in just her pajama shirt.

(Actually, she was galloping, because she doesn't run..she gallops. I will video soon!)

So, she was galloping around and around the couches and over sized chair in the living room. I was trying to pick up the toys before I got her dressed and I heard:

TOOT! "OH NO, MOMMY! I POOPIE! I POOPIE!" Followed by tons of tears!

Hannah had a little tootie poopie this morning...all over the living room floor. Being preggo, my sense of smell is seriously heightened and something about it being on the FLOOR made me almost throw up!

Luckily, Travis was still home. He rushed Hannah to the potty so she could finish her business. He also picked up the poopie. I did get the resolve and clean it myself.

During all the chaos, Emma was sitting on the arm of the chair saying, "Eww...I smell it." "That's nasty." "Hannah, don't poopie on the floor in MY room." "Your booty stinks Hannah."

(You know...all the loving things that sisters say to each other.)

So, we have had ONE accident since Sunday. Not to shabby if you ask me!

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