Thursday, April 2, 2009


Monday, we got a notice from Emma's pre-school that Kindergarten registration started yesterday.

I looked at that paper and for a split second thought "Oops, they put this is the wrong folder. My baby is too little for kindergarten..." Then, it hit me. She's not too little. In fact, she will be 5 next month and ready to go.

(Really!? I can't handle this!)

I was standing in the kitchen holding the paper and looked up at Travis. With tears in my eyes (maybe it's a little of the hormones...MAYBE), I told him that it was time. Emma heard me and came running into the kitchen. She said "I get to go to kindergarten tomorrow!?" I said "NO WAY!" She looked at me like I was crazy (which, I possibly am). Travis told her it was just registration and that Mommy was being a big baby about it.

(very understanding isn't he!)

So, I have to call the school today to make sure I have everything together. But, I think we are going to wait to go until next week. I just don't think I can handle Hannah turning two tomorrow and registering Emma for kindergarten all in one day.

(Oh the stress of it all!)


On a brighter note, Hannah is what I would like to consider "potty trained"! YOU GUESSED IT!? We made our goal!

Tuesday, she wore panties to school. She had one...YES ONE...accident all day long! I was so proud when I picked her up, she even got a surprise (which you will see in her birthday party pictures).

Wednesday, she again, wore panties. She had only two accidents that day. Yes, that's two accidents in one day, but one of them was on her way to potty, so that's excusable.

She will be in panties exclusively going forward, except for bed time. She is still pretty wet when she wakes up in the morning. She wears pull-ups at night. We will start working on that soon.

(if anyone has any suggestions on how I do that, let me know!)

We have been so proud of her. Potty training is a long hard process, but get rid of's totally worth it!

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