Friday, April 3, 2009


My little Banana Boat turned TWO today.

(Yes, I call her Banana Boat, or Han, or Baby Cakes, or Beebo. And, no, I do not know where I come up with this stuff...but its all true!)

I cannot believe two years ago today, I was coming out of surgery and holding my second sweet girl for the first time!

We have big plans for her party, because in the Williamson house, a birthday is BIG DEAL!

This morning, Travis went and picked up some donuts with "pinkles" (sprinkles) for Hannah (and of course Emma). She opened ONE present this morning. We all sang Happy Birthday to her over a donut and cup of chocolate milk...because hey, it's her birthday!

Tonight, it's Hannah's choice for dinner. She has requested "Fench Fies and Apple Saucey" (french fries and apple sauce). So, to go along with that VERY normal request, we are grilling out burgers. After dinner, it's cake and present time!

There will be TONS more pictures to come, but here are a few from this morning. She wore a tutu to school and has a super cute secret outfit for her party tomorrow at Cold Stone! So, stay tuned!

I cannot believe that you are two already. It seems like just yesterday I was lying in the hospital bed holding you while everyone else watched, because I was the ONLY one that could make you quit crying!
You have grown into such a big girl and we are so proud of you. You talk so well and are finally potty trained! Your favorite person in the whole world is Emma. Everything you do is to mimic her, but with a little added "Hannah" flare.
You are such a smart girl. You know most of your ABCs and can count to five. Your favorite game is "Ready, Set, Go", which you made up yourself. You love to play with your doll house and blocks and cannot go anywhere without your blankie.
You are so wild and crazy most of the time, but so much fun. Daddy Brooks swears you act just like Mommy, but I don't believe him. You are sweet and loving. You light up the room with those big dimples and those bright eyes.
We love you so much, Hannah, and can't wait to see what this next year holds for you!
Happy Birthday, My Baby Cakes!
Love, Mommy


Molly said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I hope your party is tons of fun!!

The Slaughters said...

What a doll.

That is SO funny about that cookbook. You should definitely enter! Although... I'm sure you could get it for free!!