Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jon FINALLY got married!

Last weekend, we packed up and headed to Hot Springs after the girls dentist appointments to start WEDDING WEEKEND! My little brother got married. Travis was a groomsman, I was a bridesmaid and the girls were flower girls.

Thursday night, we went over to my grandparents to have dinner. GrandDa cooked a really good Cajun Casserole. We had a great time visiting with them and it was good to go to bed with a full tummy!

Friday morning
, we got up and hung around the hotel. I headed to the Bridesmaid's Luncheon at Belle Arte while Travis and the girls headed to the pool. The luncheon was WONDERFUL! Sue VanBebber and I hosted (read: I gathered the head count...Sue did the rest!). It was so pretty and well put together. Not to mention the lunch was wonderful.

After that, I went to check on Travis and the girls at the pool. They had company. All the bridesmaids and groomsmen were there. The girls were LOVING all the attention.

Friday night, we went to rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Dinner was at the Arlington in the Fountain Room. The flowers were gorgeous and the seafood was great. My dad gave a very funny and touching speech to Jon and Nicole, as he was the best man. I got up there later to wish them well.

Jon and Nicole handed out the wedding party gifts. The guys got a pocket knife with their initials engraved in it. Travis LOVES his. We got cute bags with our initials filled with goodies. The girls got cute small bags with their names filled with crayons, puzzles and such. They also got a wedding Barbie! (maybe Travis liked that the best?)

We enjoyed visiting with everyone and managed to escape a LONG day with only one major melt down.
Saturday, we got up and went to breakfast at my grandparents. DaddyBen, with a little help from Emma, cooked some amazing pancakes and bacon.

Then, I went to get my hair done while Travis took the girls swimming. Afterwards, we rushed to get ready and managed to make it to pictures just a tad bit late. The wedding was wonderful and everything looked SO beautiful....especially Nicole! (I only have these few pics. Once I get some from the photographer, I will do an additional post)

After the wedding, we headed to the Country Club for the reception. It was beautiful and so very personalized to celebrate Jon and Nicole and their special day. Everyone had a great time. The band was amazing. We stayed at the reception for a VERY LONG TIME and could hardly drag our girls off the dance floor. (Don't judge due to the lack of pics of Emma at the reception...she was chatting up the band!)

All in all, it was a great weekend. We are so glad to welcome Nicole to the family! CONGRATULATIONS! WE LOVE YOU BOTH!

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